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The Ministry of Labour: What's Next?

The reorganization of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection has been widely discussed among the population and the business community. Part of the functions were transferred to the Ministry of Health and to the Ministry of Finance. How does it benefit the ordinary citizen - a potential user of these services?

Uzbekistan Today correspondent interviewed the Head of Communications Department of the Ministry of Labour, Sardorbek Abdukunduzov. 

Everyone is surprised by the changes. What will change in the process of social protection of the population?

- The Ministry of Health, its regional territorial management, district and city medical associations will oversee the provision of public services in health and social care for the disabled, war veterans, veterans, single elderly and other vulnerable groups, the organization of vocational training of persons with disabilities and the development of inclusive vocational training. The concentration of all these services in one department, will increase the speed and quality of service. The concept of health and social services on the principle of a "single window" will be implemented.

The Ministry of Finance will be monitoring the appointment and payment of social benefits and material assistance to needy families and individuals, it will also be easier to resolve all issues through a single agency. The Ministry of Finance provides financing of these funds. I want to remind you, that all issues related to the provision of pensions of citizens since 2010 are the responsibility of the budget Pension fund under the Ministry of Finance.

These changes will benefit the Ministry of Labour, which is now fully focused on solving complex issues regarding employment of the population. 

How will the Ministry of Labour be structured, what will each department cover?

-Yesterday, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan issued a decree "On measures to improve labour structure of the organs in the Republic of Uzbekistan." The decree takes into account the long-term priorities of socioeconomic development of the country, identifies the main objectives of the Ministry of Labour of the Republic of Uzbekistan and its structure.

The first priority is the development of proposals on improvement of legislation in the field of labour and employment. Also, the Ministry of Labour is responsible for the preparation and implementation of effective measures for the development and regulation of the labour market, employment of the population.

The second priority is to exercise control over the compliance with the requirements of legislation in the field of legal protection of workers, protection of labour and expertise. The Ministry will implement effective measures to improve labour relations via financial incentive mechanisms.

Thirdly, the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan defined the organizational structure of the labour authorities, the structure of the executive office of the Ministry, provincial departments and district (city) Employment Assistance Centers.

In particular, the structure of the central apparatus will consist of two independent controls to ensure high-quality performance of tasks.

The Labour Market Analysis Department will oversee the formation and monitoring of employment programs, introduce progressive forms of employment, taking the demographic factors into account. A deep analysis of the level of employment by region, gender and age of citizens will be conducted systematically. The demands for jobs in the market will be studied. The management will coordinate the development of annual programs to create new jobs, followed by monitoring of their implementation.

The Office of employment and re-organization of the unemployed, as the name implies, is the organization for the unemployed, especially youth, women and persons with disabilities. The office will organize effective vocational training and re-training systems.

The issue of implementation of ICT is also paid special attention. The ICT sector is important because of the transition to e-government, and widespread use of modern information technologies.

The functions of the Office of wage methodology were expanded. The Office of labour standards and wage methodology was created on its basis.

The Ministry of Labour expands cooperation with the international organizations. The Ministry is in the process of implementation of ratified conventions of the International Labour Organization. This will raise the work with international partners to a new level.

The logistical functions of district (municipal) employment promotion centers will be changed. In particular, the range of services of district inspectors of departments of employment will be expanded. There are 489 departments of employment in the Republic ( it used to be 1327). Specific employment services wil be provided. If one inspector previously served 8-9 gatherings of citizens ( mahallas ), now he will work with 20 local authorities on average.

This raises the question, the number of departments is reduced and the amount of work is increased. Will it affect the quality of services provided?

 - No, it will not. The employment promotion centers are transitioning to modern principles of work with the population. It includes providing the construction of individual employment plans and the professionalization of people in need of employment, with the use of information technology and computer accounting system. A computerized system of client base will be implemented. I want to emphasize, that the implementation of the decree will allow for cost effective maintenance of labour bodies.

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