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The Government develops a plan to protect the population from the devastating effects of earthquakes

More than 40% of the rural population in Central Asia lives in earthquake-prone houses. The main reasons are: construction of houses without basic anti-seismic measures, inaccessibility and lack of understanding of SNiP provisions (construction rules and regulations), lack of mechanisms of influence on the population in case of non-observance of the established construction rules.

The head of department of the Tashkent Earthquake Engineering Research and Design Institute of Housing and Civil Engineering ("ToshuyzhoyLITI"), academician Shamil Khakimov, noted these facts at a seminar at the Institute of Civil Protection on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Tashkent earthquake of 1966.

The expert said, "It is rural houses of individual building are the most vulnerable objects of seismic activity. However, the situation in Uzbekistan has been changing gradually for the better. More than 50 thousand modern rural houses according to standard designs that meet earthquake safety standards were built in the country in 2009-2015. These houses are built in accordance with all the established rules and regulations."

Shamil Khakimov drew attention to the fact "that experts propose a number of measures aimed at reducing seismic risk in construction of brick, frame-panel buildings and individual houses made of low-strength materials based on a system approach, beginning from design to commissioning. Institute of Seismology has developed general and detailed technology of seismic zoning, micro zoning, and rapid assessment of seismic activity of construction sites of objects."

At the same time the solution of the problems of seismic safety should be the being developed agenda for further measures to enhance preparedness of the population and territory of the republic to take action in case of earthquakes. It has been developed with participation of 40 specialists of ministries and authorities. Today its development is in the final stage of approval process, its financing is being discussed.

"The program provides certification of all buildings and structures in the territory of the country and their test for seismic resistance. Implementation of this large-scale project will assess the capacity of these facilities to withstand seismic shocks and to take measures in relation to each building," Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations, Colonel Komildzhan Aripov said speaking at the seminar at the Institute of Civil Protection.

Another important step towards strengthening protection of the population from the consequences of earthquake will be adoption of the law "On seismic safety".

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