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The wind caused a fire that burned out the whole cafe

October 17, late in the evening a strong wind blew up in Tashkent, the result of which were fallen trees, torn roofs and a strong fire almost in the heart of the capital.

The signal about the fire of Daro Cafe, which near the Parkent market in the Fire Safety Department of the capital was received at 22.50, informs. Within ten minutes, four crews of firefighters arrived at the scene. Within 25 minutes, the fire was eliminated.

The flames have partially spilled over to the neighboring private house, but it did not have much time to damage it. The cafe burned out completely. Victims of the fire do not.

Speaking about the cause of the fire, an employee of the Fire Safety Department of of the General Directorate of Internal Affairs of Tashkent city in Mirzo-Ulugbek district explained that as a result of a strong wind the electric wire broke off. He fell on the roof of the building, damaged the cover and caused instantaneous fire of the roof. A few minutes later, the whole building enveloped the flames.
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