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The state implements a new set of measures to support women and family

The Program of Comprehensive Measures to Support Women and the strengthening of the family institution, consisting of 5 chapters and 56 articles, aimed at ensuring the implementation in practice of the priority directions and tasks of the Presidential Decree "On Measures for the Basic Improvement of Women's Support Activities and the Strengthening of the Family Institute".

In order to increase the activity of the Women's Committee of Uzbekistan, as well as to radically improve its activities in the area of supporting women and strengthening the family institution, priority areas for the activities of the Women's Committee of Uzbekistan have been identified. The updated structure of the Women's Committee of Uzbekistan and its territorial subdivisions was approved.

The decree of April 1, 2018 introduces the post of specialist for work with women and strengthening of spiritual and moral values in families by 1 unit in each gathering of citizens and 2 units in gatherings of citizens in whose territory
2,000 or more families live, instead of the post of consultant on religious education and spiritual and moral education of citizens' gatherings.

In order to conduct fundamental, applied and innovative research in the areas of family values and traditions, the Scientific and Practical Research Center Oila under the Cabinet of Ministers is being established on the basis of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center Oila and its territorial units. Along with the organization of comprehensive study of reproductive health and demographic development of the family, the definition of the criteria of the modern model family, the implementation of cooperation with international and foreign organizations, research institutions in the study and exchange of experience in the sphere of family and marriage relations, the main tasks of the "Oila" Center propaganda and introduction in society of the conceptual idea "Healthy family - healthy society", as well as the constitutional principle "The family is under protection of society and the state."

At the same time, in order to increase responsibility and specifically define the terms of reference of the Women's Committee and the Oila Center, the personal responsibility of the leadership of the Committee and the Center and their territorial units in solving family issues and women.

According to the decree, since April 1, 2018, the registrar's offices, in the main line of their activities related to the registration of acts on marital relations, the strengthening of the institution of the family, the prevention of family divorce, are subordinated to the hokimiyats of the districts (cities). In order to implement systemic interaction on family and women issues, the deputy hokim of the district (city) - the chairman of the women's committee of the district (city) - is responsible for monitoring and coordinating the activities of the Civil Registry Office, the district (city) department of the Oila Center and other structures on women and the family.

Taking into account the proposal of the Women's Committee of Uzbekistan, the Union of Youth of Uzbekistan, the Association "Tadbirkor Ayol", the decree approved the formation of the Public Fund for the Support of Women and the Family. It should be noted that the main objectives of this public fund are to provide material assistance to women and families in difficult social situations, women with disabilities, and to promote the implementation of women's entrepreneurial initiatives.

Another important issue envisaged in the decree is the organization of "female consultations" in the structure of family clinics and rural medical posts, which provide the necessary consultations for adolescent girls and women of child-bearing age.

According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of June 10, 1999 No. UP-2326 The Zulfiya State Prize was awarded to gifted girls between the ages of 14 and 22, one representative of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, oblasts and the city of Tashkent. Now, in accordance with the new decree, the awarding of the Zulfiya State Prize has been awarded to gifted girls aged 14 to 30 inclusive for two representatives from the Republic of Karakalpakstan, oblasts and the city of Tashkent. This provides ample opportunities for girls who have achieved special success in education, science, literature, culture, art, sports, as well as engaged in social activities.

According to the new order established by the decree, students of general secondary, secondary specialized, professional educational institutions who have become laureates of the Zulfiya State Prize are admitted to the bachelor's program, undergraduate students to the magistracy of higher educational institutions in the relevant area and specialty without entrance tests on the basis of state grants.

A woman is great, she is divine. In accordance with the decree, a breastplate "Mutabar ayol" is awarded to women who have been active and initiative in the life of society and the state, which has made a worthwhile contribution to the formation and strengthening of the well-being of families, the protection of motherhood and childhood by its fruitful work.

The country is carrying out large-scale work to improve living conditions and provide concessional housing for the population in need of social support and persons with disabilities. In 2017, 1207 women with disabilities and those in need of housing were provided with accommodation. With a view to stepping up work in this direction, the decree to the Cabinet of Ministers is tasked with developing and approving regulations on the procedure for the construction and provision of affordable housing for women in need of social support.
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