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The project "My City" will be launched from Akkurgan street in the capital

Khokimiyat of Mirzo-Ulugbek district of Tashkent and “SmartGov Consulting” consulting company plan to launch a pilot project "My City". The presentation of the project for potential partners was held on October 30.

The goal of the project is to improve the infrastructure of the district, making it more friendly to the residents - young people, the elderly and people with disabilities, to make Mirzo-Ulugbek district comfortable, safe, clean with elements of modern urban planning.
The project has a medium-term character and is designed for 5-10 years. The achieved results are planned to be extended to the entire country.

"We would like to make a project with a human face, accessible and understandable, which would make the city more pleasant, cozy and safer," said Aziza Umarova, SmartGov Consulting's executive director.

The project should openly interact with the public, business circles and government agencies, she added. The population will have the opportunity to participate in planning the fate of the district, which will increase the sense of people's participation in the development of the city.

The project will deal with issues of public concern, stimulate a favorable business environment, provide interested companies with the opportunity to demonstrate solutions related to energy conservation and green technologies.

My city consists of three components - society, business environment and sustainable development (energy).

The first involves creating an accessible environment for the elderly and people with disabilities.

"Unfortunately, everywhere in the city curbs, steps, it is impossible to cross freely the space," said Aziza Umarova. She recalled that in the capital there are no traffic lights with signals for the visually impaired, although this is stipulated by the current regulations.

The district needs new public spaces. "Any city has a character - small sculptural forms on the streets and squares, inscriptions, signs, benches", - the executive director listed.

In the initial plans of the project is to transform the image, "revive" the Akkurgan street (former Novomoskovskaya).

"With the involvement of architects and designers, you can arrange a walking zone, a bicycle path, shops, coffee houses, theater studios and galleries along the alleys, something that would attract both locals and tourists," Aziza Umarova suggested.

She added that in modern cities there is no model with a single center, where the entire population would come to rest. For a city to be harmonious, three or four such centers are needed, this all also gives new sources of income for the city.

The pilot project includes the creation of sports zones for the elderly in residential areas - an affordable sports equipment will stimulate the older generation to a simple but healthy exercise.

Directions of the component:
Increase of transparency and efficiency of public services by creating a competitive environment in the market;
Creation of modern public spaces to provide conditions for leisure. Sculptors and artists can become partners of the khokimiyat, creating parks, small sculptural forms and squares, galleries, leisure centers, etc. ("gentrification" of Akkurgan street by creating a series of galleries, zones of author's restaurants and coffee shops, reformatting the Gulshan park);
Creation of safe road infrastructure, marking, convenient pedestrian crossings, bicycle paths, installation of special traffic lights, implementation of road safety inspections with public participation to identify dangerous sections of streets;
Formation of a barrier-free physical environment through the introduction of inclusive design and access for people with limited mobility;
Creation of comfortable clusters for recreation, sports and playgrounds in the depths of residential areas, propaganda of a healthy lifestyle.

Speaking about the second component - the business environment, Aziza Umarova noted that in Mirzo-Ulugbek district there are many opportunities to provide premises for business, the price of "entrance ticket" for entrepreneurs is quite low.
Experts intend to make a business card for the area to show what services are not available in the market, for example, delivery of products to the home, preschool courses, childcare, dry cleaning, laundry.
"There is no company in the city that cares for the elderly or people with disabilities who need rehabilitation. Cleaning companies are not too developed - we still have to hire cleaners, although all over the world these services are made "on a turn-key basis" together with minor repairs and other domestic services," Aziza Umarova said. "We hope to see the arrival of start-ups in the district."

The project developers want to look at the practice, what services, which today bear the burden of the public sector, can be transferred to the private sector. After determining that today the private sector can do better and cheaper, it will be possible to actively promote public-private partnership.

Directions of the component:
Creation of an electronic map of small and medium-sized enterprises in the district to determine the demand for new ideas with a focus on the service economy;

Facilitating cooperation in B2B, creating vertical and horizontal integration, clusters with allocation of land and premises;
Creation of an interactive map of services for the district, including pre-school institutions, schools, circles for out-of-school development, places for family recreation, etc.;
Assistance to the development of the small industrial zone of Mirzo-Ulugbek district to attract new investments (formerly TTZ).
The development of mobility and transport: the improvement of a multifaceted, efficient, safe and convenient transport system that is related to ICT and "open data" (unified maps of travel).
Presenting the third component of the project, Aziza Umarova invited any organization that would like to test any "pilot" on renewable energy sources.
In conclusion, she noted that the project aims to give maximum attention to the communication strategy in order to build an effective dialogue channel with the population of the district: "To make people not only complain but also give constructive ideas, feel themselves participants in the life of the district, put their efforts and knowledge into it".
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