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The project "Cultural heritage of Uzbekistan" defined new boundaries

Today in Tashkent the international media forum «“Road map” of the project “Cultural heritage of Uzbekistan in the collections of the world” for 2018» is held. The project is being implemented in 12 directions, and its activities will cover the UK, Germany, Russia, the USA, Turkey, the Czech Republic, France, and Japan.

Initiatives of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev in the sphere of science and culture cause a wide public resonance.

Domestic scientific figures and foreign experts are involved in issues of preservation and enhancement of the cultural heritage of Uzbekistan. A vivid example of cooperation in this area is the project "Cultural heritage of Uzbekistan in the collections of the world". It promotes familiarization of the country's population, in particular with the youth, as well as with the broad foreign public with the invaluable spiritual wealth of the Uzbek people, in-depth study of the contribution of the great scientists of the Uzbek land to the development of the world civilization, the creation and regular updating of the register - a complete database of the collections of cultural values of Uzbekistan.

In the framework of the Project, significant work was carried out in 2017. More than 30 research trips abroad have been organized to collect information on collections of artifacts from Uzbekistan, stored in various museums and private collections. 10 books-albums dedicated to monuments of material and artistic culture of our country in collections of museums of the Russian Federation and Uzbekistan were published, more than 50 scientists of different countries took part in this work. Five unique facsimile editions of medieval manuscripts from the collection of the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts of the Russian Academy of Sciences, such as the Kattalangar Koran, Divan of Husayn Bayqara, Temur Tuzuklari (Temur's Codes), Rawzat-as-Safo (“Garden of Purity"), "Mirajname". The Creative Team of the Project was filmed 16 documentary films. Two international forums were held (Tashkent-Samarkand, May 2017, Tashkent, November 2017) with the participation of more than 500 scientists from 45 countries of the world, who heard from above 100 scientific reports.

The plans for 2017 are even more grandiose and ambitious. About them today the project management tells in more detail.

The publication of 20 volumes of book-albums about the stored cultural values of Uzbekistan is planned in collections of museums of our country, as well as Great Britain, Germany, Russia, USA, Turkey, Czech Republic, France and Japan.
20 films will be created - about the cultural and historical heritage of Uzbekistan in foreign collections and 5 films together with foreign studios - about the contribution of scientists of the East to the development of world civilization;

It is planned to digitize and publish facsimile copies of Alisher Navoi's lifetime manuscripts (the British Library, the National 
Library of France, the National Library of Russia), the handwritten edition of the Ambassador of the King of Castile Rui Gonzalez de Clavijo "Embassy to the Court of Temur" (National Library of Spain), the manuscript "Zafarname" , testifying to the victories of Amir Temur (British Library), Kattalangar Koran, Divan of Husayn Bayqara, Rawzat-as-Safo, Temur Tuzuklari (the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts of the RAS), manuscripts, works of Abu Ali ibn Sina (Avicenna), written in different languages and are stored in the world's libraries, as well as other precious written records relating to the Uzbek culture and stored in national and foreign collections.

Studies and scientific articles on the cultural heritage of Uzbekistan are being prepared in world collections, with the involvement of foreign and national scientists.

In March and October 2018, media forums will be held with the presentation of the activities of the project "Cultural heritage of Uzbekistan in the collections of the world" and an action on the donation of books published.

In April-May 2018, the British Museum (London) is planning to present the project "Cultural Heritage of Uzbekistan" with the participation of 200 scientists, politicians, diplomats, representatives of the business community.

The second international congress of the media project "Cultural heritage of Uzbekistan as a bridge between peoples and countries" is to be held June 6-8, 2018 in St. Petersburg with the participation of 300 scientists and researchers from
40 countries. The Congress will be accompanied by the opening of Uzbekistan art exhibitions at the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the State Hermitage, the Russian Ethnographic Museum, the Kunstkammer, the National Library, the State Museum of the History of Religion and the Institute of Russian Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

It is planned to hold presentations of books and albums devoted to the cultural heritage of Uzbekistan in the collections of certain countries, in the format of "round tables", press conferences, briefings, jointly with representations of diplomatic missions of these countries in Uzbekistan, as well as in the embassies of the Republic of Uzbekistan in these countries.
10 thousand gift books and 10 thousand copies of documentaries created within the framework of the media project "Uzbekistan's cultural heritage in the collections of the world", in foreign and national libraries, educational institutions, scientists and researchers, members of foreign delegations, arriving to Uzbekistan, to persons who contribute to the increase of the country's prestige in the international arena, as well as to well-known representatives of the media sphere.
In addition, 200 facsimile copies of priceless written monuments of Uzbek culture, stored in world collections, research centers, national museums and leading libraries of the country and the world, representatives of foreign delegations are donated.
The video will be broadcasted on the domestic and foreign TV channels created in the framework of the Project.
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