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Development of helicopter tourism began in Uzbekistan. Please, see the reportage of the "Ahborot" program on our website.
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The procedure for granting benefits has been revised

The President signed a decree, which established a new procedure for granting privileges and preferences.
In accordance with the decree, from now on, tax and customs privileges and preferences are provided by laws and acts of the president as a whole for industries, spheres of activity, territories. At the same time, they must have a specific goal and ensure the achievement of clear social, economic and financial results.
Temporary benefits are provided by presidential acts for a period not exceeding
3 years, except for cases stipulated by international agreements of Uzbekistan.
Individual privileges are granted by presidential acts, in exceptional cases, for the implementation of socially significant projects in sectors where there is no interest of the private sector in investing, in the presence of specific social or economic grounds, or in accordance with international treaties of the country.
The document prohibits the adoption of governmental and departmental decisions on the granting of privileges, the approval of lists of goods imported into the territory of Uzbekistan with the application of benefits on customs payments.
The lists of such goods and amendments to them are formed by the organization that is granted this privilege only if there is a law or presidential act on granting benefits, and are also brought to the Center for the integrated examination of projects and import contracts under the National Project Management Agency (NPMA) under the President for their comprehensive examination.
NPMA was given the right to make reasonable proposals to the President's Office for the early termination of the benefits provided.
Projects of normative and legal acts providing for the provision of benefits are subject to compulsory examination in the NPMA. At the same time, other types of expertise on these projects, carried out by NPMA, are held simultaneously.
Until the end of the summer, the order of systemic monitoring and evaluation of effectiveness, conformity of amount of benefits to expected results and commitments made, the level of impact of the benefits provided for socio-economic development and competitive environment in Uzbekistan, certain sectors and regions should be approved.
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