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The creation of "Toza Hudud" enterprises in the regions contributes to the improvement of the sanitary situation in the country's settlements. Please, see more details on our portal in the report of the "Ahborot" program from Namangan.
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The Prevention of Child Labor on Focus

The participants of the meeting of the Coordinating Committee on Child Labor Issues have decided on further improving the awareness raising campaign aimed at widening the channels of raising the awareness of people on labor rights.

A considerable work has been done in this line in the country. In particular, a relevant Concept has been adopted in accordance with which a set of measures are being implemented.

Banners, posters and fliers have been made and posted on public areas aware about the prevention of child and forced labor, as well as about the free employment for seasonal agricultural works.

The channels of the National Television and Radio Company demonstrate a video about the feedback mechanism with hotlines of the Labor Unions Federation, the Ministry of Labor and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Mobile operators perform mass text messaging with information on how people can react in case of violation of their labor rights. 
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