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The Muslim Board of Uzbekistan explained the new fatwa

After the promulgated on December 1 a new fatwas for Uzbek Muslims, who are going to make a hajj to Mecca, the Uzbek media gave this information as a toughening of requirements for pilgrims. The document stated that the candidate for the Hajj should meet six mandatory requirements. The Muslim Board of Uzbekistan disseminated information, where it is said that the media misinterpreted the recently issued fatwa for hajj.

According to the organization, first of all, believing Muslims should consider the Hajj as a great worship of Allah. There are conditions in the Shariah, the observance of which must be mandatory. Pass it on to believers once again and was the target of a fatwa against Hajj, the Muslim Board of the Republic said.

"Among those who recently performed hajj, there were those who, instead of worship, considered it their cherished dream, which nevertheless came true, for example, they were met on executive cars with several video cameras, even with expensive bouquets of flowers, applause and shouting, like as if they did not return from hajj, but with victory in some competition," the Board writes.

According to the confessors, the person who performs the prayer should have some doubt about whether Allah accepted his worship. Therefore, it is extremely important that those who go on a pilgrimage are worthy in a psychological, spiritual and moral aspect.

According to the Muslims of the Board, the Hajj prayer is a physical and financial prayer. Therefore, people who go on pilgrimage should be physically fit for this. They must have financial means not only necessary for hajj, but also for providing full support to persons who are dependent on them.

However, as the administration notes, some of the Muslims have been collecting money for years, saved on household expenses and child allowances. At the same time, they forget that they are primarily obliged to provide their children, and not to commit the Hajj. Moreover, according to the spiritual organization, there are also those who have an amount equal to nisab (minimum income), do not think to pay them zakat (compulsory tax), but they say that they collect this money for hajj.

In this fatwa, the Muslim Board of Uzbekistan explains, only explanations and advice were given, which are the most important aspects for Uzbek pilgrims. However, some media, misinterpreting this, grossly violate the current legislation in this area.

Taking into account the above circumstances, the Muslim Board issued this fatwa in order to explain the simple truths to those who want to go to Hajj.

"We urge everyone to fully understand the essence of this fatwa, and then correctly tell the public," - press release said.
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