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The Department of Road Safety (DRS) recommends not to hurry up with the exchange of driving permits for documents of a new sample

Today they will finally start issuing the long-awaited driver's licenses of a new model, with reference to the DRS, Sputnik informs.

Earlier they planned to give out drivers since October, 1st, however
law-enforcement bodies have appeared technically are not ready to this process. Also, the legislative base was too late - the procedure for issuing and the cost of new rights and technical certificates were approved only in the middle of this month.

However, even now motorists are waiting for a dirty trick. While the rights will be given only to beginners who have been trained in driving schools. It is technically possible to replace the old rights with new ones, but the staff of the capital's Department of Internal Affairs will temporarily not do this until the system is fully launched. In addition, at the first stage they will be given only in the capital city, when regions are connected to this process - it is still unclear.

"Now the rights are issued in the registration and examination department on the Faizabad massif, within a few months they will connect the remaining districts, first of all it will be Chilanzar and Yunusabad. We recommend that drivers do not rush to replace the rights, wait until the system is fully operational," said Kakhramon Khudaibergenov, a spokesperson of the information service of the Road Safety Department of the Tashkent city GDIA.

The process of replacing rights can take from 2 to 6 hours depending on the queue. To replace the driver it is necessary to have a passport, old rights, a ticket, a medical certificate and an examination sheet from a driving school.

It should be reminded that the documents of the new sample have special protection, as well as a special electronic tag (NFC), allowing non-contact data exchange. It stores the personal identification number of the individual (PIN FL), and for legal entities - the taxpayer identification number (TIN). They will fully comply with international standards and are suitable for use in other countries.
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