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Terrorist attack in New York: Uzbek Foreign Ministry talks about Sayfulla Saipov's life

October 31 this year in the US city of New York, there was a terrorist attack, in the commission of which the 29-year-old Uzbek citizen Sayfulla Saipov is suspected.

Competent authorities of the Republic of Uzbekistan confirm this assumption. Saipov Sayfulla Habibulayevich was born on February 8, 1988 in Tashkent. In 2005 he graduated from a professional college, and in 2005-2009 studied at the Tashkent Financial Institute. After graduation I got a job as an accountant in the "Sayokhat" hotel in the capital. Prior to his departure to the United States S. Saipov was not brought to criminal responsibility and as a whole he did not get into the field of view of law enforcement bodies.

In 2010 Sayfulla Saipov won a green card lottery visa and in the same year left for the United States. In the last few years, he was in a civil marriage with a native of Uzbekistan, also temporarily residing in the United States. From that moment
S. Saipov never came to Uzbekistan and did not see his parents who still live in Tashkent.

While in the US, S. Saipov did not get registered at the diplomatic missions of Uzbekistan, as it should be done in accordance with existing legal norms.

Neighbors in the mahalla characterize S. Saipov very positively: according to them, he did not evoke any suspicions, always behaved with restraint and friendliness towards others. He was brought up in a prosperous family.

His parents preached traditional Islam and were never seen in connection with any extremist currents.

After moving to the US Sayfulla Saipov became closed, came under the influence of radical groups. This was also reported by the American mass-media with reference to those who knew him.

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev in his message to the President of the United States Donald Trump expressed deep condolences in connection with the terrorist act in New York that took the lives of innocent people. The head of our country confirmed the readiness of the Uzbek side to use all the forces and
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