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Tashkent khokimiyat has made requirements for road maintenance

The city authorities approved the procedure of use of the capital roads, which defines the requirements for road services, as well as the rights and duties of road users.

According to the decision of khokim users of metropolitan highways have the right to move in safe and convenient conditions at any time of year, as well as the right to timely receive of information about road conditions, and recovery of damages suffered as a result of faults on roads.

Road Service are required to maintain roads in good condition, to clear them of snow in a short time, and to take measures to prevent formation of icing for the safe traffic. Road Service has also to analyze the causes of road accidents related to road conditions on a regular basis, and to take measures in cooperation with Road Traffic Security Agency of the Main Internal Affairs Department.

Road services are required to install fencing, necessary signs and indicators, conforming the requirements and visible at any time, as well as to organize detours during repair works on the roads when necessary. Information on the organization performing repair work with contact details should be indicated as well. Works must be performed with due quality and compliance with all safety of traffic standards.

Users of roads are forbidden to damage and pollute roads, including carriage of goods likely to cause pollution of road, construction waste, sand and dirt. These freights shall be transported only in specially designed machines in soaked condition.

The requirements also apply to the markets adjoining roads, which should be provided with parking lots; safe areas should be provided at bus stops for boarding.

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