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Tashhodjaev: Halloween celebration kills Uzbek culture

The General Directorate of Internal Affairs of Tashkent denied information about the ban on the celebration of Halloween in the capital, Sputnik reports.

As a representative of the department commented at the briefing, on October 31, when this holiday is celebrated, security measures were indeed strengthened in Tashkent. However, there were no instructions from the capital police about the ban on the celebration and closing of cafes, bars and restaurants that day.

"According to our observations, it is on this day that the number of violations of public order on the part of young people increases. Many of them in connection with this holiday stay up late in the entertainment institutions, drink alcohol and as a result this leads to an increase in offenses. Accordingly, law enforcement agencies take measures aimed at eliminating such incidents and detaining hooligans," said the police officer.

Halloween is one of the oldest holidays in the world, its history is thousands of years old. In it intertwined the Celtic tradition of celebrating evil spirits and the Christian - the worship of all saints.

At the same time, representatives of the General Directorate of Internal Affairs stressed that Halloween, coming to us from the West, does not correspond to the mentality and customs of the Uzbek people, that's why it is absolutely alien to Uzbekistan and does not fit for Uzbekistan.

"All these disguises in costumes of evil spirits, incomprehensible contests and processions are not for us.We frighten our children, and that children and adults are frightened by these horribly painted faces, suits of vampires and various demons.This is a festival of revelry, evil force and faith incomprehensible what: this holiday we are killing our culture," the official said.
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