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Development of helicopter tourism began in Uzbekistan. Please, see the reportage of the "Ahborot" program on our website.
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Super Tree Plantations May Appear in Foothill Areas of Uzbekistan

The training and experimental center of high-tech is implementing a breeding of paulownia, the so-called ‘Supertree’. The plant is from the Far East and Southeast Asia.

Cellular technology will help scientists to develop a production of large number of seedlings in a short time, and quickly adapt­ the tree to the local environment.

Initially, they wanted to apply the tree only for gardening of settlements, because of the broad leaves and lush crown. This unique flora has an ability to grow from the same root several times. Plant reaches 15-30 meters in height. If you cut him off, then another one will grow after 4 years.

The wood is light and soft. It is widely used in the manufacture of furniture and household goods. It can be used as a fuel, since it has a high heat transfer during combustion. The combustion of 1 ton of paulownia wood releases as much heat energy as the burning of 480 cubic meters of gas, or 500 liters of diesel or 700 liters of fuel oil. Today, the center develops the projects of industrial cultivation in foothill areas.

The only drawback is that the tree consumes a lot of water first two years. To solve this problem,the center will use the hydrogel, proposed by the Tashkent Chemical-Technological Research Institute. One kilogram of this hydrogel is capable of holding more than 300 liters of water. It can be used with no damage to the environment and for growing of paulownia.



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