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Scooters and bicycles equated to motorcycles

Scooters , electric scooters and ATVs with engine capacity of more than 50 cubic meters or having a maximum speed of over 50 km/ h are equated to motorcyles in the new edition of the road safety regulations in Uzbekistan , Senior Inspector of Central Administrative Board of Road Safety MIA, Mansur Rihsiev told Uzbekistan Today.

According to him, the term " motorcycle " under the road safety regulations is illustrated as a two-wheeled motor vehicle with a sidecar or without. Motorcycles are equated to the three-wheeled motor vehicles with a mass in running order, not exceeding 400 kg .

“This explanation does not fully meet requirements of today. Because today, as a result of technological progress, there are more modern scooters, ATVs and electric scooters, which don’t fall under the term " motorcycle ", but are equal to two-, three- and four-wheel motor vehicles, " explains Rihsiev .

Since, there are cases of violation of traffic rules by their owners, the term "motorcycle" was expanded to include scooters, ATVs, electric scooters with engine capacity more than 50 cubic meters or having a maximum speed of over 50 km/h. 

Under the new rules, which come into force from March 1st this year, the listed vehicles will be registered as motorcycles and they will be granted state license plates. Drivers of such vehicles will be required to have a driving license of category "A".

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