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Rules of ethical conduct for state officials are approved

The Cabinet of Ministers has approved the standard rules of ethical conduct for employees of government and executive authorities at the local level.

The document establishes the basic principles of professional work of state officials: legitimacy, priority of rights, freedoms, and lawful interests of citizens, patriotism, attachment to the duty, justice, honesty and equity.

The aim is to prevent crimes, to eliminate the causes and conditions favoring their commision, to train of state officials in the spirit of high legal consciousness, strict compliance with the Constitution, laws, rights and freedoms of citizens.

State officials are prohibited to be engaged in entrepreneurial activity, they are required to counteract manifestations of corruption, and actively assist in its prevention. Officials should also take all measures to safeguard security and privacy of the information become known to them in the course of professional activity.

In the performance of their duties state officials should not have personal interest, which results or may result in a conflict of interest. In the event of a conflict of interest, they must inform the head immediately.

The rules are binding on all officials, irrespective of the position and government bodies. Its violation can serve as a basis for attracting the employee to disciplinary or other liability.

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