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Development of helicopter tourism began in Uzbekistan. Please, see the reportage of the "Ahborot" program on our website.
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Roadside infrastructure of the Tashkent region will be developed

The State Committee of Tourism together with the State Committee for Architecture will have to develop and approve standard requirements for objects of roadside tourist infrastructure in a 3-month period, providing for the mandatory availability of all necessary amenities for tourists in the Tashkent region.

This follows from the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of October 19, 2017
No. 852, which approved the Regulations on the Department of Tourism Development under the hokimiyat of the Tashkent region, its structure and categories of remuneration of employees.

Despite the fact that the Department is a structural subdivision of the Tashkent region administration, it is a legal entity. Accordingly, it has a stamp and stamp forms with its name, an independent balance sheet, bank accounts (including currency accounts) and treasury personal accounts. The department is headed by a director appointed by the hokim of Tashkent region in agreement with the IAD.

The hokimiyats of Bostanlyk, Parkent and Akhangaran districts were instructed to place the territorial divisions of the Department in the buildings of the corresponding district (city) hokimiyats within a month.

In addition, the hokimiyats of Bostanlyk, Parkent and Akhangaran districts, at the request of the State Committee for Tourism, must provide land to the business entities along the main roads and tourist routes - for the construction of roadside tourist infrastructure facilities (according to the lists approved by the Government). There is a condition - in the future, information centers will be placed in their composition free of charge.

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