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Priorities in the development of the system for collection and processing of solid domestic waste were determined

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev held a meeting on 9 August on environmental protection and development of the system
of collection and processing of domestic waste.

By the decree of the head of our state "On measures for cardinal improvement and development of the waste management system for 2017-2021" of April 21, 2017 in this area, which previously was not well-ordered, formed a unified system.

Over the past 7 months of this year, the enterprises of "Toza Hudud", organized in the system of the State Committee for Ecology and Environmental Protection, managed to generate income of 49 billion soums. Waste treatment plants are being built on the ground. By the end of the year, it is expected that the level of coverage of the population with waste disposal services will reach 62 percent.

It was noted that, despite this, the work carried out in this direction is not enough, it is necessary to take a number of measures.

Instructions are given to purchase 500 units of special equipment for 100% coverage of services for waste disposal, wide implementation in the sphere of public-private partnership, implementation of payments from the population of the Bureau of Forced Execution.

Particular attention is paid to waste processing. It was noted that in the Akhangaran region, jointly with the South Korean company Saejin, a $ 55 million project was launched, which will allow to receive biogas at the landfill site and generate
16 megawatts of electricity, in an amount sufficient to supply 10,000 homes.

The President pointed to the need to attract foreign investment in the sphere, the development of new investment projects for the processing of waste and the generation of energy from them.

"It is necessary to introduce a widely used principle in the world, which says: "Who pollutes, he pays". That is, the costs for the disposal of waste generated in the production process must be borne by the manufacturing enterprises. These expenses should not fall on the shoulders of people," said Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

Instructions are given to update the material and technical basis of the landscaping offices, to put waste landfills in order in accordance with sanitary requirements. The tasks on proper operation of special equipment, electronic monitoring of its movement along the established route, correct calculation of the revenues from services, and training of personnel were determined.
It was noted that the culture of throwing out waste in specially designated places for this purpose, observance of cleanliness in public places has not yet been fully formed in the society. In this regard, it was noted the need to develop a draft law that provides for effective mechanisms to hold accountable for pollution of territories.

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