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Presidential presents are festive treats for children

Presidential presents consisting of various sweets and stationery items and delivered to localities on the eve of the New Year are unforgettable gifts for children.

This year, too, the Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Sen Yolgiz Emassan (You are not alone) public foundation for children made intensive preparations for high-level celebrations of this holiday.

Presidential presents for the New Year holiday are being delivered to boys and girls of children’s homes in the Republic of Qoraqalpoghiston and all the regions of Uzbekistan, those of SOS children’s villages and children deprived of parental care.

Great care being provided for children’s happiness and harmonious development serves to bring them up to grow physically healthy and morally mature in the spirit of love for the Motherland and devotion to ideas of sovereignty. The state provides constant attention and care especially for children with limited physical abilities and those deprived of parental care.

“Every year, Presidential New Year fir tree festivities are harmonious with feelings of satisfaction with peace and calm in the country and clear skies above as well as fruits of independence. During these festivities that symbolize care-free childhood, Presidential presents bring more cheer to children. These Presidential presents consisting of 12 types of stationery items and 15 types of sweets are being delivered to Tashkent, Sirdaryo and Jizzakh Regions by road and to the Republic of Qoraqalpoghiston and other regions by air in accordance with a timetable on 25-28 December,” says Bahriddin Shayvaliyev, chief of the information service of the Ministry of Public Education.

These presents will be given to children ceremonially from 29 December during Presidential New Year fir tree events in the Republic of Qoraqalpoghiston, the city of Tashkent and all the regions of the country.

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