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Poll: More Than 90% of Uzbeks Believe that 2015 Was Stable and Efficient Year

According to Uzbek citizens, the past year has become one of the productive on the number of implemented solutions in the process of modernization and reform of all spheres of life in our country, according to a sociological study ‘Uzbekistan: public opinion in 2015’ of the Public Opinion Research Center ‘Ijtimoiy Fikr’.

According to UzA, the results showed that 90.8% of the population reckons that 2015 was stable and effective. Moreover, they are satisfied by the socio-economic and socio-political situation in the country.

The poll revealed the dynamics of the growth of cash savings of the citizens, by which they purchase durable goods, expensive real estate; invest in education and parenting. To date, nearly 60% of respondents noted the presence of car in the family; more than 80% told about ownership of modern household appliances and other durable goods.

Results showed that, the situation in 2015 has been improved in many ways, compared with the research conducted in 2013-2014. As a result of reforms, the vast majority of families (over 90 percent) have their own house or apartment. In 2015, according to the study, there is a downward trend in the proportion of citizens who were in arrears for utilities. The issues related with modern education, timely receipt of salaries, provision of qualitative state property, houses and apartments were solved.

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