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Pension Fund to operate through online network

In 2017, the full version of the interdepartmental integrated information system for pensions should start functioning in Uzbekistan. What has been done so far and what work will be done this year? 

The system "Nafaka" is created for conveniece of pensioners, making pensions and social benefits more accesible. Its launch will eliminate the need for paper-based information and supporting documents, required for the purpose of pensions. The system will also manage the funding for timely payment of pensions and benefits.

The automated information system "Pension" is the basis for the project. It is a common database of information on more than 2.7 million pensioners and 237 thousand citizens, who receive pensions and social benefits. The system provides automation of destination, calculation and recalculation of the monthly amounts of pensions and social benefits.

Before 2015, the program worked exclusively within the Pension Fund. Its technical modernization and transformation into the information system "Nafaka" will allow the Pension Fund to exchange documents with all the ministries and departments electornically. This will relieve the citizens from having to collect references in different instances.

Integration with ministries and agencies is held in stages. The schedule is designed in a way that allows time for establishing communication and also for working out all the processes of interaction of the Pension Fund with the relevant ministries and agencies. The process began last year. Connection with the Ministry of Justice was already established, which allows the Pension Fund to receive information about the birth and death of citizens. Also, "Nafaka" provides data exchange with the State Tax Committee, commercial and central banks.

Currently, experts are working on establishing connection with the Ministry of the Internal Affairs in order to simplify the procedure for obtaining information for  the Pension Fund of the pensioners of this department. This year the server will be linked with the Treasury of the Ministry of Finance of Uzbekistan. Pension Fund will receive information on suitable personal accounts of Treasury and other necessary documents for the financing of pensions, social benefits, compensations and other payments.

This year, it is also planned to work with the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education. Through this channel the staff responsible for the appointment of data will receive information about the periods of full-time training of citizens in the higher educational institutions. 


The material was prepared within the framework of the social order by the Public Fund for Support of NGOs and other civil society institutions under Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan. 

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