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Namangan followed the example of Tashkent

Since November 1, in Namangan, the cameras for video and photo recording of violations of traffic rules have been officially launched.
Now the city has installed 65 cameras with automatic video and photo printers in the central streets of the city. Only 2 hours of operation of the cameras in the database received information on 196 violations of traffic rules.

Unlike the capital system, which defines only two types of violation - red light and speeding, the Namangan traffic control system will fix the violation of the road marking, the exit to the oncoming lane, the non-entrance of the pedestrian, and stopping in the wrong place.

The process of registration of the violation will be similar to that in Tashkent, the General Directorate of Internal Affairs noted. All violations of traffic rules registered by the cameras will be processed within three days and sent to the owner of the car by mail. If the car is registered on a legal entity, then its head will answer.

The car owner can pay a fine in two months, while for paying any penalty, identified by inspectors on the road, one month is given. If the owner does not deign to pay the fine, then for 61 days from the date of sending the letter the car will go to the parking lot.

The Namangan system of road monitoring will transmit data on violations to the Road Safety Department of Tashkent city.
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