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More than seven trillion soums to be spent on the realization of the state program

The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov, approved the State program "Year of a Healthy Mother and Child " on February 9, 2016, UzA reported. 

In general, 7 trillion 483.3 billion soums an equivalent of 194 million dollars will be directed towards the implementation of the State Program "Year of a Healthy Mother and Child ".

The drafting of the Law "On state youth policy" in the new edition will start this year. It is planned to issue amendments to the Criminal Code aimed at further liberalization of criminal legislation in relation to women, with children aged up to three years (regardless of the output in maternity care). They will be included in the list of persons exempt from correctional work.

It is also planned to adopt the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan, envisaging the creation of centers (groups of ) day care for disabled children, boarding houses "Muruvvat ", other public and private educational institutions.

State program provides for the construction of 13,000 individual houses in rural areas of all the regions of Uzbekistan with 296.3 kilometers of power supply network and 307,5 ​​kilometers of gas supply network. Measures to ensure the supply of quality drinking water will continue with the introduction of more than 1.3 thousand kilometers of water supply networks in rural areas, including 300.5 kilometers of water supply networks in the residential areas.

Further strengthening of the material-technical base and human capacities of health facilities, in particular, screening centers, improving the efficiency of family clinics and rural health units, ensuring the growth of the number of patronage nurses and improving the skills of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and pediatricians will be given special attention in 2016.

Women's Health Center will be created in Tashkent. The Center will provide comprehensive health care for women to improve their quality of life. The Center will be equipped with most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. It will have a consultative polyclinic and surgical unit.

Another priority is the implementation of the State program for early detection of congenital and hereditary diseases through prenatal and neonatal screening of pregnant women and newborns. There will be a mass early prenatal ultrasound screening of pregnant women at the level of primary health care. 13 screening centers will be equiped with digital multi-purpose high-end ultrasound systems. All this will help preventing the birth of children with congenital malformations and inherited diseases, reduce child mortality and disability.

It is planned to create a National Educational and Scientific Center of nutrition at the Tashkent Medical Academy. This will help further improve the unified scientific and practical policy on healthy eating and nutrition in accordance with modern international standards.

It is also planned to construct more than 1.7 thousand sports halls for schools, including 217 rooms in 2016. Sports clubs and teams will be created in all schools. School leagues for sports will be organized. At least one modern school equiped with latest sports equipment will be established in each district ( 225 units), including 15 - in 2016.

56 specialized youth sports schools in four areas of sports will be launched in the regional centers, including 5 schools in the current year. It is planned to expand the network of swimming pools with bringing their total number to 290, including the construction of 11 pools this year.

The implementation of measures to promote intellectual development and physical health of the younger generation will be continued. Conditions for the manifestation of the creative talents and abilities of young people, especially girls will be created. On this basis, it is planned to reconstruct and equip youth centers in Bukhara and Urgench, youth camp "Kamolot" and recreational areas for young families "Kamalot" in Tashkent region, Youth Park "Kamalot" in Tashkent.

The State program "Year of a Healthy Mother and Child" defined the tasks for strengthening the role of education in shaping a healthy child. The program will ensure further development of the network of preschool educational institutions, which will increase the level of children's preparation for school by providing high quality primary education.


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