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More than 150 bus drivers fired in Tashkent last year

More than 150 bus drivers were fired last year in Tashkent for the committed road traffic offenses, senior inspector of Central administrative board of Road Safety MIA, Mansur Rihsiev told Uzbekistan Today.

In addition, more than 15 officers of the bus parks of the capital were fired. More than 5,000 administrative penalties against violators were applied.

"The government is working on improvement of the services of public transport in the city of Tashkent, including bus drivers compliance with traffic rules," said Rihsiev. 

Thus, the measures taken reduced the number of accidents involving public transport by 33%, due to the fault of bus drivers - 37.6% , with grave consequences - by 100 %, he says.

Currently, all shuttle buses in Tashkent are equipped with GPS- monitoring. It is possible to monitor the compliance with the schedule, compliance with speed limits and route remoutely. 

Application of GPS-tracking is a method that is now used to maintain security on public transport. In addition, the introduction of computerized traffic control system will allow to monitor violations by bus drivers, said Rihsiev.

"Now violations are less frequent than they were before. I think that using GPS can reduce them to zero," he says. 

Today, all kinds of violations on the part of the drivers are under consideration by the authorities and administrative measures are taken. Drivers are fired in case of repeated violations.

"From our side, we impose maximum penalties for drivers, because they have to be responsible for the lives of passengers," said Rihsiev. 

General Directorate of Traffic Safety calls on passengers to inform the helpline of the slightest infringements on the part of drivers.







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