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Ministry of Health: In each mahalla will be organized "School of Health"

On the initiative of the Ministry of Health, the Republican Council for the Coordination of Activities by the self-governing body of citizens, the Ministry of Public Education and the Center for Secondary Special and Vocational Education adopted a joint resolution "On the targeted coverage of the population with patronage, the formation of a medical culture among them and popularization of healthy lifestyles in families and educational institutions."

Now these five organizations are responsible for the primary preventive work aimed at protecting reproductive health, improving the medical culture, promoting healthy lifestyles and preventing diseases.

Currently, the Ministry of Health has developed an instruction for organizing the activities of the Health Schools. A program of propaganda activities in this direction was also drawn up. "Schools of Health" will be organized in each mahalla on a public basis. Now, general practitioners, nurses of rural medical stations, rural and city family polyclinics, mahalla activists, responsible spiritual and enlightenment workers, physical education teachers, doctors of educational institutions in cooperation will be united behind this public structure and popularize among students in families, among population, in educational institutions a healthy lifestyle.

To ensure the effectiveness and effectiveness of advocacy activities, weekly plans will be drawn up. Each day of the week will have its name. For example, Monday is the day of the elderly, Tuesday is for pregnant women, Wednesday is for children and boys, Thursday is the day for home and ecology, Friday is for women and girls, Saturday is a day of health. Based on the significance of each day, propaganda activities will be implemented among the population.

Patronage nurses who are responsible for this work will now make up a working day based on a specific plan. That is, their working morning begins by studying the social and medical situation of families in the areas assigned to it. In carrying out this task, she relies on mahalla activists, she calls them and asks about the situation in the mahallas. The obtained data are passed on to the general practitioner. Thus, families will be identified, in which there is a need for emergency and planned patronage. The health visitor also assists the general practitioner in accepting and providing medical services to patients and those who come for advice. At the end of the working day, all data will be analyzed and reports presented. This is reported by the press service of the Ministry of Health.

It is important to study the effectiveness of these measures. To this end, monitoring groups will be formed in district and city medical associations. They will study the activities of the "Schools of Health", operating in mahallas, educational institutions. At the same time, the main criterion will be the sanitary status in families, the level of medical culture of people, the target coverage by the health service, the satisfaction of people from health workers and the activities of the mahalla.
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