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Minister Alisher Shadmanov: "805.1 billion soums will be directed to the development of rural family clinics in the next four years"

The past year was full of decisions on reforming the primary health care service. 2018 and subsequent years, a large-scale complex of measures will also be implemented in this direction. The Minister of Health Alisher Shadmanov told about it more.

- In 2017, on the basis of rural medical stations (RMS), about 800 rural family polyclinics (RFP), more than 1000 substations of emergency medical care. The buildings of rural medical stations are provided to doctors as office housing. In rural family polyclinics, 5 narrowly specialized doctors are established, in the family polyclinics in Tashkent - 10. In order to improve the staffing of the primary system this year, about 80 percent of the more than 3,000 graduates of the bachelor degree are involved in the primary system, all conditions have been created for them.

With the study of the need for rural family polyclinics, the quantity of staff of gynecologists and pediatricians is being revised.

It is necessary to improve the quality of the system of patronage coverage in rural areas, to improve the work on strengthening the material and technical base in the primary system and ensuring interaction with in-patient institutions. The time itself requires thorough work on such topical and highly socially important issues as systemic implementation of the clinical examination of the diagnosed diseases, improvement of screening for mothers and children, and medical and genetic services.

For this purpose, a program was developed to gradually strengthen the material and technical base of 1,046 rural family clinics and rural medical stations for the years 2018-2021. According to the program it is planned to allocate:
in 2018 for 146 institutions 112.7 billion soums;
in 2019 for 243 institutions 181.4 billion soums;
in 2020 for 315 institutions 242.0 billion soums;
in 2021, for 338 institutions, 269.0 billion soums.

Another important detail is that in 2018 additional equipment is planned for RMS and RFP with ECG devices, laboratory and sterilization equipment, gynecological, surgical and medical sets.

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