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Media Days has been started with training

April 25 the media days confined to the World Press Freedom Day started in Tashkent. The days are organized by the National Association of Electronic Mass Media of Uzbekistan, the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, the Parliamentary Committee for management of funds of the Public Fund for Support of NGOs and other civil society institutions under the Oliy Majlis, the Public Fund for Support of Independent Print Media and News Agencies, IIMFCS, OSCE Project Coordinator in Uzbekistan, Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Central Asia and the UNESCO office in our country.

Media Days program is very varied. There will be workshops, presentations of social projects dedicated to the Year of healthy mother and child, "round tables", master-classes with participation of international and national experts, employees of non-government television and radio companies of our country, as well as various festivals and competitions.

The main event will be the international conference "Mass media as an important tool of social dialogue, ensuring transparency of activity of public and administrative authorities." Based on its results it is planned to develop proposals to strengthen the role and importance of mass media in the implementation and execution of the Law "On transparency of activity of public and administrative authorities." In addition, "Journalistlar bahori" festival will be held.

Training seminar "International experience in creating social adverts: features and innovations" which will be hosted by a documentalist from France Louis Peto have been started at "Bunyodkor" youth complex as part of the media days. He is a well-known film director, writer, cinematographer with extensive professional experience, and the executive producer of Panorama Worldwide Media Company.

At the opening of the seminar it was noted that the NAEMM project on creation of a socially significant media production started in March 2014. It is attended by creative teams from the capital and regions of the republic. They are young and promising journalists, cameramen and editors, who improved their skills in trainings with participation of renowned national and foreign specialists. During this time it has been made 700 social commercials.

В ходе семинара пройдут теоретические и практические занятия, где участники познакомятся с новыми формами и методами создания социальной медиапродукции международного уровня, повысят свое профессиональное мастерство. С учетом полученных знаний и навыков молодые тележурналисты подготовят собственные социальные ролики.

The seminar will include theoretical and practical sessions, where the participants will get acquainted with new forms and methods of creating social media products of international level and enhance their professional skills. Taking into account the received knowledge and skills the young TV journalists will prepare their own social commercials.

"I come to Uzbekistan the second time. In 2015 I hosted a seminar here, which was devoted to new approaches in creating media products for covering environmental issues. In my opinion, the NAEMM works hard to improve practical knowledge of TV reporters, constantly improving the style and quality of the supplied information. Young people, who have a lot of interesting creative ideas, are dominated among the creative and technical employees,” L.Peto told "Uzbekistan Today".

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