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Living with UT: Let’s go swinging! Parks season is starting

This year, the rains have informally delayed the start of parks season. However, parks’ administration does not lose heart trusting that good weather and summer vacation are yet to come. Yes, visitors will come, but if they can get what they want?

Of course, a part of parks’ visitors will be satisfied with the quality of services. I have repeatedly been visiting the regions and have heard delightful feedbacks abiut the capital's parks in conversations with provincial inhabitants.

However, what about effeminate capital visitors, whether they will find what they are looking for? The answer to this question has slipped in conversation with the representatives of administrations of two of the top capital parks.

In the capital's "Lokomotiv" park we got dissatisfied and unemotional respond on the question of how its specialists manage to keep leadership in the number of visitors. The experts said that in the last season, which was the second for the park after the reconstruction, there was about half less visitors than in the first one.

Indeed, "Locomotive" was the driving force of the country's culture and recreation parks after the "second birth". The most modern attractions attracting not only residents but also visitors of the capital have been installed here. And all this is despite the rather inconvenient geographical location. Many attractions were brought into the country for the first time, and the demand was overwhelming. But eventually the interest has been disappeared. And this is understandable: outdoor enthusiasts have tried all the news, now they want something else.

By the way, there has always been a park on the site of "Locomotive", but many people do not even know it because its visitors have been only inhabitants of the surrounding areas here prior to installation of the new rides. Many other parks in the country have a similar story, particularly, the capital park named after Furkat, where a few years ago there has been built a natural ice rink for the first time in many years. This year, apparently, a new go-cart track, built on the territory of the unkempt park located near "Dustlik" subway station, will be the hit of the season.

New high-tech amusement rides and marketing solutions in the struggle for visitors - is not only fate of the parks located not in the best geographical location of the city.

For example, the Metropolitan "Tashkentland" Park is located in the heart of the capital. The first few years after its opening in 90’s, it has been the subject of admiration of the citizens. But soon, the first and only in the country attraction "Horror Castle" and "Journey to Africa" have been cloyed and have slowly become forgotten, it ended up with the stable minimum of visitors, which it receives each year. The administration has proudly announced that in recent years the number of visitors have not been diminished nor increased.

Of course, the park administration is caring about new items. The three new attractions – a train, a children's motordrome, and a "kangaroo" have been installed here since the opening. The work has been undergoing on update the already known attractions. In terms of development, the administration has dozens of projects on modernization of the existing attractions by replacing the "old" with the new ones, and introduction of new special effects. However, visitor does not notice it and does not react.

Why? Probably because it is necessary not only to install and implement new attraction, but also to offer them to whom they are created for. Our parks need not only new attractions but also a good PR campaign, targeted efforts to attract the public.

Things should be humming here, be richer of various campaign and activities. Contests, quizzes, workshops, meetings with movie stars - all of these can be used to involve the existing potential. The principle "Not a day without event" should be taken as a rule by the parks.

And the most important thing is that parks’ directorates are able to solve these problems, today they have all necessary market mechanisms to do it. And private business – entrepreneurs who are highly responsive to consumer demand may help them with it.

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