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Law Enforcement Agencies Combating ‘Death Groups’

In Tashkent, since recent time so-called games in ‘death groups’ have begun gaining popularity on social networks, which in turn are very disturbing the law enforcement agencies. Teenagers get involved in these virtual ‘death groups’ are taken under observation with the attachment of a professional psychologist.

Similar games came to the country about two months ago. Even the ‘Uzbek’ version of such groups appeared where players are also involved in performing life-threatening tasks. In case a teenager reaches the finish line, he or she receives money prize.

However, such games have ridiculous and dangerous tasks for life, as, for example, to run at rush hour across the road or to jump from any high point down. Now the Tashkent city law enforcement agencies are taking active preventive measures to prevent the spread of dangerous games among young people. Mobile phones and accounts in social networks of teenagers are checked out. The city administration, the capital’s Prosecutor’s Office, the general directorate of the Public Education, the Office of the Secondary Special Vocational Education and the Public Youth Movement ‘Kamolot’ are also involved in this work. In particular, education institutions organize special meetings with the participation of parents and mentors, as well as videos are screened about the harm of such games and possible dire consequences.

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