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Islam Karimov Criticizes Work of General Prosecutor’s Office

Speaking at the solemn meeting devoted to the Constitution Day, Islam Karimov criticized the Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of the negligent attitude of employees to their duties.

"According to reports, 426 complaintshave been receivedin respect of the prosecutors in the Attorney General's Officefor the first 9 months of 2015. As a result of considering of these complaints, 45 employees were brought to disciplinary responsibility,22 employeeswere released from their positions, 33 were dismissed from the prosecutor's office," Islam Karimovsaid­.

An analysis of complaints from citizens about actions of officials of the law enforcement and regulatory authorities showed that every fifth complaint was about the unlawful actions of police officers.

"This is a reality, that it is impossible not to notice," Karimovsaid.

The head of state has raised a query about extent of efficient performance of the Prosecutor General's Office of its function "to monitor the correct and uniform application of laws in the Republic of Uzbekistan" (Article 118).

"What do people write in their appeals? The analysis shows that they complain about the application of illegal decisions by law enforcement agencies, about the rude attitude from their officials, incomplete, poor and untimely consideration of appeals of the population. Citizens point to the facts of gross violations of procedural law by the investigating authorities during the investigation,"Karimov said.

He also stressed that, such facts and other violations continue to occur,despite a number of adopted legal acts aimed at preventing unjustified inspections.

"Of course, these figures and this situation can not satisfy us. In this regard, the Senate must consider the issues of strengthening control of the legality of the prosecutor's office in a short time," he added.

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