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Is Criticism Fair?

In recent days, the social networks users sometimes express critical statements about the ongoing reforms in the system of higher education, in particular, the privileges (benefits) granted to young people who have successfully completed military service and entered the country's higher educational institutions on the basis of special recommendations of the military unit.

Uzbekistan Today correspondents applied to the press service of the Ministry of Defense of the republic with a request to explain how justified this criticism is and to tell in detail about the privileges provided to entrants (from the number of military personnel) enrolling in universities. That's what they answered:
- A worthy encouragement of the servicemen of the country and raising the prestige of military service is one of the priority directions of state policy conducted by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

It is known that the system of privileges for military personnel when they entered higher education institutions was introduced in 2003. According to this system, a military entrant who was recommended by the command of a military unit received an additional 20% of the maximum number of points during the tests. In 2005 this percentage raised up to 25%, and in 2012 - 27%. Until 2016 many young people of our country took advantage of this opportunity and were able to become students.

The Decree of the head of the state from April 4, 2017 "On amendments to the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from May 31, 2012", "On additional measures to improve the system of benefits granted to the citizens who have served in the armed forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan" brought more one innovation. That is, starting from 2017/2018 academic year, military entrants who have a recommendation from the command of the military unit are additionally granted 50% of the points they received when they pass the tests in entering any higher educational institution.

This resolution says that such recommendations are given to worthy candidates who have the necessary knowledge. And this, in turn, requires young people not to calm down, but seriously and tentatively prepare for tests. Because, the more points he accumulates, the more he will be added.

The procedure for issuing recommendations is defined in a special Regulation approved by a joint decision of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Security Service.

The State Testing Center under the Cabinet of Ministers is designated as the responsible body for the final assessment of knowledge, military, spiritual and moral preparation, the degree of development of the program by the military personnel which also carried out in the form of tests. Their themes consist of three areas: combined arms, spiritual education and logical questions and answers. They are compiled by leading specialists of relevant ministries, state committees and institutions in conjunction with the State Testing Center. In the test questions it was taken into account the training programs for servicemen, the specifics of their military service. Only in case of successful passing of tests which requires comprehensive and intensive preparation and deep studies, young people can become holders of recommendations for the admission to universities.

"The children's dream of becoming a pilot, during military service turned into a solid goal", Sh.Shukhratjonov of the Kitab District of Kashkadarya region said. “I went to it firmly and purposefully, seriously preparing for future tests. Thanks to the successful passage of military service, I received a recommendation from the military unit. And then passed the tests for the Jizzakh Higher Military Aviation School, thereby making the first, but very important step towards achieving its goal. I am glad that I became a student, I plan to be an officer and defender of my Motherland”.

"During the military service, I got acquainted with the decision of the President of our country on April 4 of this year which expanded the opportunities for obtaining higher education and a demanded profession for young people who completed military service in the armed forces of our country", says Bekzod Zukhriddinov from Tashkent. “In the military unit, I visited an information resource center where there is a very rich library, including in terms of educational literature. I prepared for admission tests to the university very tense, giving it all free time. After all, I, like other military entrants, had to undergo a double selection - to pass the tests first to receive the recommendation of the command of the military unit. And then pass the "crucible" tests when entering the Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry. I am very happy that I have successfully overcome them and become a student”.

We phoned Bekzod's parents, and they told us how strenuously he prepared to enter the university. According to them, after completing his military service, their son returned home not only physically strong, but also a true patriot with a sense of belonging to all events taking place in the country. He had a strong desire to enter the university, become a worthy member of society and a real professional in his business. Parents stressed that Bekzod, of course, was glad that he has privilege, but he hoped not only for it, but for his knowledge which he received during the study in a professional college, and then in preparation for admission to the university during the military service.
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