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Hokimiyat of Tashkent: the capital for winter is ready

Currently, according to the relevant decision of the Tashkent city hokim, about 9,000 multi-storey houses, almost all health and education facilities, other objects of the social and economic sphere have provided with heat supply, UzA informs.

In all areas of our capital, a set of measures to implement the programs adopted for the autumn-winter period of 2017-2018, industry tables.
By now, the façade has been repaired over 1600 multi-storey houses, over 7400 entrances, 445 new playgrounds have been built. Also, about 500 thousand square meters of driveways of multi-storey houses have been repaired. To this end, 11.3 thousand tons of cement were allocated on a preferential basis.

The allocation of low-interest loans to private partnerships by commercial banks serves to increase the efficiency of work. For example, in order to improve the living conditions of the residents of the capital and ensure the execution of approved programs by a multi-story house that serve the PHA (Private Homeowners Associations), a loan of 318.5 billion soums was allocated.

In order to improve the quality of heat supply in the capital, a total of 23 boiler houses were renovated, the current repair of 633. Improved the condition of water and sewage networks, preventive repairs of 16.9 kilometers of the gas pipeline, overhaul of 305.6 kilometers and current repair of 801 kilometers of electric networks.

Another important task is to stockpile the necessary reserve of food products for the winter, to provide markets in the winter as well as in the summer. To this end, measures have been taken in the capital to store the main types of agricultural products for the winter-spring season of 2017-2018, focusing on the supply of potatoes, onions, carrots, cabbage, rice and beans.
According to the decision of the Tashkent city hokim from November 7, 2017, since November 10 heat supply started to use at social facilities, since November 12 - in multi-storey buildings. According to the responsible persons, our capital is ready for winter. The existing shortcomings are eliminated.

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