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Foreign Chemists Follow Requirements of Uzbek Scientists

Foreign scientists had to follow them in order to get to the pages of the international scientific journal ‘Chemistry of Natural Compounds’, being published in Uzbekistan.

The journal ‘Chemistry of Natural Compounds’ is gaining popularity in the scientific worlddue to the publication of the magazine in Russian and English edition, cooperation with the publishing house ‘Shpringer’ and spreading around the world.A number of foreign scientists, who want to publish their articles in it, is growing.

- For half a century of existence, the magazine had tough situations, but the coordinated work of the editorial staff and chemists from Uzbekistan not only saved the journal but also achieved the status of international scientific publication. Today, editorial portfolio includes research papers in various fields of chemistry of natural compounds. All articles, submitted to the journal, are reviewed and, if necessary, are sent back for revision or rejected for objective reasons. Currently, the authors of the journal are scientists from more than 50 countries, according to the deputy editor, Academician Anna Glushenkova.

The editorial board is demanded to works of authors. It accepts for publication materials based on the results of studies using the latest advances in science and technology, providing with unambiguous interpretation of the results.

Time requires constant innovation. One is the use of the Kovatsindex, which provides highly accurate determination of the composition of fat acids, as well as the use of highly instrumental methods. The general requirement for all authors is that the materials should reflect not only the results of the research, but also the scope of their possible practical applications.

The relevance of publications proves that the editors constantly receive letters from readers all over the world where they ask to help to contact the author of publications for cooperation.

The edition board is sure that the most interesting is in in the future. The emergence of new devices, that can be used to conduct research on plants, opens up great opportunities for scientists. There were articles in which structure of more than 100 new natural compoundswas proven last year.

Nowadays, you can find files of the magazine in research institutes in many countries. All this information is very important for the development of the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and other industries.


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