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Fayzullaev: “Now We Are Not Ready to Provide All Subscribers with Unlimited Internet Traffic”

First Deputy Minister for Development of Information Technologies and Communications of Uzbekistan Alisher Faizullaev said that the country does not have the capacity to provide all subscribers with unlimited Internet traffic.

“Most subscribers want the fixed price with unlimited traffic. Unfortunately, now we are not ready for this, but all the time working in this direction,” commented the situation Alisher Fayzullaev.

“The cost of the Internet for subscribers is getting reduced. Because for the same money the subscriber receives more volume or more services,” he emphasized. “Many complain on the costs, but at the same time, no one mentions that TAS-IX is free.”

Ilkhom Abdullayev, chairman of the Committee on Information and Communication Technologies of the Lower House of the Parliament, in turn, urged to adhere to market-based pricing.

“Let’s not forget that we have an open market. That is, in fact, it is about the user value and market interests of each player. It is not a constructive approach to ask the Ministry to reduce the traffic prices,” MP said.

This year alone, ‘Uzbektelecom’ reduces the cost of external channel for providers eight times, from January 1 to $ 259.29, from January 7 to $ 257.42, from January 8 to $ 253.74, from January 22 to $ 251.94, from February 27 to $ 240.2, from March 17 to $ 233.27, from June 2 to $ 219.01, and from June 11 to $ 206.97 for 1 Mbit/s.

Commenting on the situation with a decrease in the cost of external channel for service providers and absence of decrease of the costs for subscribers, the head of the press office of JSC ‘Uzbektelecom’ Aleksandr Suchkov underscored that the external channel is not the sole determinant of prices.

“Now, quite intensive re-equipment is getting carried out. New technologies are getting introduced, and this all requires huge capital investments. External channel is not the only determinant of prices. Price will be permanently reduced, and the more we have the carrying capacities, the lower the load on the entire infrastructure will be. TAS-IX doubles its volume every year. Today it is 55-60%, and of course you get a nice bonus. Data processing centers will be built, as well as hosting sites, of course, our content will continue to grow and, consequently, the cost will be reduced,” Aleksandr Suchkov said.

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