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Fakhriddin Ergashev is the best teacher of the year in Japan: an interview

The news that our compatriot, 26-year-old Fakhriddin Ergashev from Tashkent became the "Best Teacher of the Year" in Japan, spread with lightning speed. The correspondent of "Darakchi" Farida Egamberdieva contacted Fakhriddin on the Internet and interviewed him.

- Fakhriddin, please, tell us about your education. Where did you study before you left for Japan?

- I received my primary education in the capital's school No. 203, which was graduated on a preferential basis in the lyceum of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy. This choice was not accidental: since childhood I have dreamed of becoming a diplomat. For this reason I got interested in learning foreign languages: first I learned English. And in the Lyceum my choice fell on German. And I was lucky, I managed to win a grant from the German government and for a month I was trained at the youth courses in Berlin. The trip was inspired, there was a desire to learn another language. But which one? I thought about Japan.

As you know, this is not only one of the most developed countries in the world.
I remember how I was shocked by the phenomenon of the Japanese economic miracle that occurred after the Second World War. Therefore, I decided that through the study of the Japanese language I will be able to understand the world outlook, culture, character of the Japanese. So, after graduating from the lyceum in 2010, he entered the Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies to study the Japanese language. In his student years he took part in many competitions in foreign languages. For example, at the Republican contest and the Central Asian contest of oratory in Kazakhstan held in Japan, he held pride of place. And the teacher from Japan Shunego-sensei helped me in perfect mastering the language.

- So, the grant of Japan in the best sense became for you the implementation of a dream into life?

- In the fourth year we learned that the Ministry of Science, Education, Culture and Sports of Japan provides students of our university with a grant for studying in a magistracy in this country. Grant was the only one, and 20 people submitted documents. Examinations took place in three stages, which I managed to successfully pass. This made it possible to study and receive a scholarship on a 100% grant from the Government of Japan.

Currently, I am a second-year undergraduate student at the Faculty of International Relations at the Tokyo University of Foreign Languages. I am writing scientific work on international relations of Uzbekistan and Japan for the years of independence. Also in my spare time I try to take part in various events and competitions. For example, in April 2016 he took part in the XIX contest "Oratory Arts in Japanese", held in Japan among employees of embassies and foreigners, took the honorable first place among many foreigners and a special prize from the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan Fumio Kishida. And the honorary cup handed to me as a winner is now kept in the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Japan.

- You visited the residence of the Prime Minister at the invitation of the first lady of Japan. Tell us about your impressions.

- December 2, 2016 was an unforgettable date for me. On this day, I was invited by the first lady of Japan Akie Abe (the wife of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe) to the Tokyo residence of the Prime Minister as a representative of the Society of foreign students in Japan. During the dinner, I managed to talk with Mrs. Abe on various topics.

I was pleased with the way Mrs. Akie expressed her attitude towards Uzbekistan, saying warm words about our country. The first lady noted that she had recently visited Uzbekistan twice and was amazed by the hospitality and cordiality of our people.

She also talked about how she was impressed by the beauty of the reconstructed building of the State Academic Grand Theater named after Alisher Navoi, built by Japanese prisoners of war in 1946.

In addition, Mrs. Akie expressed her gratitude for the fact that, despite the difficulties of the Soviet period, the cemetery of Japanese prisoners of war, located in the Yakkasaray region, is still in a well-maintained condition, which she visited during her official visit.

In the Prime Minister's residence, I visited the Museum of Gifts presented by the leaders of various countries. There is also among the exhibits a gift presented by the First President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. I experienced great pride in my country.

- And the most recent achievement is getting the title of "The Best Teacher of the Year" in Japan. Tell us, was the contest difficult? By what criteria have your knowledge and experience been evaluated?

- First of all, it should be said that with the assistance of the Ministry of Science, Education, Culture and Sports of Japan, the Mayor's Office of Tokyo and some major Japanese corporations, the international society "Kokusairikai" was established. Its goal is to help foreign students who teach in Japan in primary and secondary schools, colleges, and to provide them with all kinds of support.

To become a member of this organization, a foreign student must study at one of the universities of Japan for at least 2 years and pass special examinations. I passed the tests in 2016 and I was accepted into Kokusairikai.

During the year I taught at many schools in Japan. The lessons taught by foreigners are assessed by the experts of Kokusairikai and school leaders on a rating (point) system. The lesson lasts 50 minutes, during this time it is necessary to state reliable information about your country, its culture, traditions, society, trends, etc.

At the moment, Kokusairikai includes about 200 foreigners from more than
50 countries. At the end of the year, I scored the highest rating points, coming out on top among all the other participants, and was declared the "Best Teacher of the Year."

- You have already achieved a number of victories, which should be proud. Please share your plans for the future.

- In my lessons I tell about our Motherland, happy life here, hospitable Uzbek people, national cuisine, historical monuments.

After classes, Japanese students ask me many questions. They say that they like lessons very much, that they did not hear about Uzbekistan before, and they are very interested in our country.

The children share that they are discussing our lessons with their parents, and in the future they will definitely visit Uzbekistan. If at least one person, a foreigner who knows Uzbekistan as a prosperous, peaceful, hospitable country, will become more, I will assume that my goal has been achieved.

In the future, I would like to serve in the development of international relations and I will be glad to make my contribution, even if a small one, to strengthening Uzbekistan's positions on the world arena, to fruitful development of relations with world powers.

In July 2016, the Board of Directors of the Friendship Society of Uzbekistan and Japan appointed Fakhriddin Ergashev as Executive Director for Uzbekistan of this Society.

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