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Espionage became the basis of loss of Uzbek citizenship

The President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov made a decree changing the order of consideration of issues relating to deprivation of citizenship.

Now, citizenship may be lost, also in a case if a person has caused substantial harm to interests of the society and the state, being engaged in activities for the benefit of a foreign state or by commission of crimes against peace and security. These violations of the law are provided by the Section two of the Special part of the Criminal Code of the Republic, and include the state treason, espionage, disclosure of the state secrets, and a number of other cases.

Consideration of citizenship is possible only after notifying the person of the reasons on which the decision on its loss is made. Citizenship is lost from the date of publication of the Decree of the President.

The fact of loss of citizenship is registered in the territory of the Republic by law-enforcement bodies at the permanent residence of the person, and for permanently residing abroad – by consular offices.

We remind that entry into service, security service, police, judicial authorities or other state governing bodies in the foreign state are also the reason of deprivation of citizenship.

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