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Citizens are given access to meetings of government agencies

Uzbek citizens will be able to attend public meetings of the collegial bodies of state power and administration.

A model regulation on the procedure for information users presence at the meetings of state bodies was approved in accordance with the Resolution of the Government "On implementation of measures aimed at implementing the provisions of the Law" On transparency of activity of bodies of state power and administration».

It was established that the authorities are obliged to advertise the plans for public meetings in public areas or specially designated areas on information stands, providing the draft of the agenda, the date, time and venue of the meeting at least three days prior to the event.

To attend meetings of government agencies citizen must appeal to them with a request. Following consideration of the application, the citizen will be added to the list of the persons participating in the meeting and will receive a notification about it.

In the hall of the meeting each person is allocated a space. In case all the spaces are filled out, visitors are placed in another room, where they can observe the meeting through a video link. Those who arrive after the announcement of the start of the meeting by the chairman of the meeting will be considered late and are not allowed to participate.  

During the meeting it is allowed to ask questions to members of the board in accordance with the rules of the meeting. Take pictures, shooting video or recording audio during a meeting is strictly prohibited.


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