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Citizens' appeals can be combined into a single system

Appeals of citizens coming through the websites of various departments, short numbers, the Virtual and People's Receptions of the President and the receptions of ministers can be combined into a single system.

This was mentioned at the presentation of recommendations and proposals of the Korean delegation on the introduction of the "digital office" in Tashkent, writes

The system of handling appeals is different in each department. Therefore, it becomes impossible to conduct a systematic analysis of data on the electronic journal and written, which is filled manually.

The new system will be created on the principle of one stop, when reception and consideration of appeals is carried out in one place. The creation of an integrated system of appeals will significantly reduce the cost of the budget.

The research team from Seoul also proposed to organize a full informatization of the entire process of handling appeals, which will lead to speed and efficiency. In addition, it will automatically control the entire process. Now complaints and appeals of the population come in electronic form, but their further processing is carried out manually.

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