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"Cambrian Patrol": Uzbek intelligence officers among the strongest

In the period from October 10 to October 17, a group of military men of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Uzbekistan took a worthy participation in international competitions among the reconnaissance units "Cambrian patrol", which took place in the city of Brecon, Great Britain.

In this prestigious competition of the best scouts of the world 139 teams from
29 states took part, where the servicemen of Uzbekistan took part in these competitions for the first time, as well as teams from Armenia, UAE, Moldova and the Philippines.

The Cambrian Patrol is held annually in Wales throughout 40 years.

"Cambrian Patrol" is considered one of the most complex and prestigious competitions, which can be compared with the selection of special purpose units. Special requirements are made for the physical training of servicemen.

In the Cambrian mountains is a very harsh climate, the sun is almost invisible, the rain drizzles all day, the area is marshy, and the forests are difficult to access. Therefore, many of the participating teams have left the race, not reaching the finish line.

Participants in complete combat equipment and without navigation devices made a march in the Cambrian mountains with a length of 65 km, overcame more than 1000 m of lifts and 750 m of descents, with a minimum weight of 25 kg, where the leadership qualities of participants, field training, discipline, as well as psychological and physical endurance. During the march they performed special tasks: they overcame various obstacles, including mountain and water obstacles; conducted reconnaissance of the area; Opened the location of the conventional enemy and conducted an operation to destroy it; rendered first aid to the conditionally injured; carried out the release and evacuation of hostages; interrogated a prisoner of war; and also worked out the implementation of ambushes and antisacking actions.
As a result of the competition, the military intelligence group of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Uzbekistan, despite the fact that it took part for the first time, took an honorable 2-place together with a group from Italy (according to the contest conditions, each prize-winning place is given to two teams).
The top of the podium and the third place were won by three of 111 teams in Great Britain.
Winners and prize-winners of the contest were awarded with commemorative medals and certificates of honor.

It should be reminded that this is not the first international success of Uzbek military intelligence. In particular, our servicemen took the 3rd place (after the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China) in the competition "Excellent Army Intelligence" held in the period from July 29 to August 12 in Novosibirsk (Russia) in the framework of the III Army International Games.
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