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Aziz Abdukhakimov: "All schools will be light, warm, comfortable. Teachers will only engage in professional duties, and schoolchildren - to learn"

Annually hokimiyats will allocate not less than 50 plots of land in each area for the opening of private schools, in the country there will be network schools and a rating of these institutions. The President of the country signed normative and legal acts aimed at improving the system of management of school education. More detailed information the correspondent of the newspaper received from Deputy Prime Minister Aziz Abdukhakimov.

In order for children to learn well and teachers to work with higher returns, we need to create comfortable conditions for them, in which everyone will do their own business, not additional tasks, which were more than enough before. Such conditions will be created within the President’s Decree "On additional measures to improve the system of public education management" and the President’s Decree "On measures to introduce new management principles into the public education system," Aziz Abdukhakimov said at the beginning of the meeting.

- We have many examples where some schools work with a large overload, while others are half empty. In one case, the quality suffers from the fact that it is difficult for teachers to work in crowded classes, and in the second, as a rule, the school administration does not pay enough attention to the quality of the teaching and upbringing process. We will correct this situation.

To relieve the crowded educational institutions, we will build new schools, mainly with the participation of private entrepreneurs and on the basis of public-private partnership. Now the chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, regional hokims and the city of Tashkent bear personal responsibility for all-round assistance to public education institutions, including the approval of the list and the realization of the right of permanent use of free land plots on the single electronic trading platform E-IJRO AUKSION. Thus, at least

50 schools will appear in each region every year. In addition, entrepreneurs who intend to create a private school are granted a large package of benefits and preferences, which can be seen in the President's Decree "On measures to introduce new management principles into the public education system". Private entrepreneurs will be provided with leases for inefficient schools, so that modern, good institutions are created in them.
We have a completely different attitude towards non-state educational institutions. We see them as the main partners in solving the most pressing problems. Cooperation with the Association of Non-State Educational Institutions of Uzbekistan is expanding. To develop a competitive environment, as well as create additional opportunities for retraining and upgrading the teaching staff of the Association of Non-State Educational Institutions of Uzbekistan, the right to organize retraining and advanced training courses for pedagogical staff of non-state educational organizations was granted.

Students of private schools will be issued state-issued certificates.

At the same time, we will not just wait for help from entrepreneurs. The Minister of Public Education was given the right to create network schools on the basis of successfully functioning general educational institutions, including other schools with a low occupancy rate. Thus, the weak pull up for the strong.
In order for schools to work more actively to improve the quality of education, a new voucher procedure for financing schools is being introduced in the Mirzo-Ulugbek district of the capital in an experimental way. The educational institution is funded based on the number of students. This will increase competition between schools and the strongest will survive.

Another innovation will be the creation of a ranking of schools. Since January 1, 2019, the State Inspectorate for Quality Supervision of Education under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan regularly compiles a rating on the selective basis of the effectiveness of general education institutions (hereinafter - rating) in the context of districts and cities. The results of the rating will be placed in the media and on the inspection website. The rating will encourage schools to work on the quality of education.

We will be equal to the best world experience in the development of school education. This will be facilitated by our participation in international programs and studies to assess the level of students' knowledge (PISA, TIMSS, PIRLS and others).

At the same time, the chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, regional hokims and the city of Tashkent will bear personal responsibility for the all-round assistance to the institutions of public education in terms of supporting and developing their infrastructure. All school classes should be light, warm and cozy.

- It is planned to adopt the new State Program "Modern School". Tell us more about it.

- Yes, in the near future such a program will be adopted - it will be a set of activities aimed at solving systemic problems of the development of school education.

It will pay due attention to the construction of modern schools. Schools will be built on the basis of standard projects using environmentally friendly materials, they will create conditions for the use of alternative energy sources.

Schools will be equipped with ergonomic furniture, modern educational and laboratory equipment, textbooks and teaching materials, computer and multimedia equipment, video surveillance systems, including within classrooms.

Much attention will be paid to the creation and development of technological classes, laboratories, canteens, sports and recreation facilities. It is planned to strengthen the material and technical base of schools from the point of view of creating conditions in them for the development of individual creative abilities of students.

- Modern educational process is impossible without the Internet. Will IT-technologies be replaced by textbooks?

- Textbooks are not yet replaceable. In the near future, the system of publishing educational and methodological literature for state institutions of general secondary education (hereinafter referred to as general education institution) will be improved, including the extension of the terms of reissue, the introduction of a biennial approbation system, and the abolition of the order of competitive selection of textbooks.

At the same time, we will accelerate the process of introducing information and communication technologies in schools. Until the end of 2021, all schools will have access to the Internet at a speed of at least 10 MB/s.
On the basis of the Center for the Development of Educational Multimedia Programs, the Center for the Development of Information and Communication Technologies in the Sphere of Public Education was established. He will accelerate the introduction of innovative forms of education, modern pedagogical and information technologies, effective methods of vocational guidance, education and upbringing in the educational process, taking into account the optimization of students' educational, psychological and physical activities. On the Internet, an educational portal will be launched to provide interactive educational services. The portal will host an electronic database of general education institutions, an electronic system for recording attendance and student achievement (E-journal, diary and report card). The center will implement the identification cards of students in general education institutions (ID-card, NFS label and other) with the possibility of their integration with banking and other systems;
taking measures to assign a personal identification number of a natural person (PIN FL) to students of general educational institutions, etc.

- It is planned to adopt a program to increase the prestige and social status of the teacher's profession. Please tell us more about this project.

- Yes, the adoption of such a program is planned in November 2018. It will contain a set of activities to establish systematic work to widely promote the prestige of teachers in the community, popularize the achievements of students, highlight current problems in education, broadcast special educational television programs. In this work, the main information partner of the education system will be the "Madaniyat va Ma’rifat" TV channel. Regular speeches will be made by the heads of local executive bodies, ministries and departments, as well as other organizations related to the activities of educational institutions. We plan a broad explanatory work on television and other mass media of the essence and significance of large-scale reforms in the country.

- It is necessary to change approaches to the work on staffing schools with qualified personnel. What will be done in this direction?

- Totally agree with you. So that children do not miss classes in schools should be interesting. It depends not only on the teachers, but also on the overall conditions created in the school. To do this, the head of the school must be a manager. He must feel what is lacking in school and solve organizational problems in order to eliminate these problems. The school should be held additional classes, should work circles and sports sections, there should be a program of cultural and entertainment activities. Based on this, the headmasters will now be selected.

We will review the requirements for heads of general education institutions. All managers will be certified and improve their qualifications at various training courses.

In the Institute of Retraining and Advanced Training of Managers and Experts of the Public Education System named after A. Avloni, starting from 2018/2019 academic year, courses will be organized to train managers of general educational institutions skills manager in the sphere of public education.

To enable directors to implement their projects, they are given the right to freely dispose of the extra-budgetary funds of schools. At the same time, in order to stimulate them to improve work on mobilizing additional resources for schools, 10 percent of the total amount of fund income is allowed to be directed to material incentives for the director.

We will also reconsider the procedure for attestation of pedagogical staff of general education institutions. At the same time, the main criterion for determining qualifications will not be the length of work, but the level of their knowledge and skills in training the relevant subject. A system of professional development for managers and pedagogical workers of general education institutions will be reformed radically. It will provide for the optimization of curricula and programs, the expansion of innovative teaching methods, including distance learning, increasing the effectiveness of this process as a whole.

We must help ensure that professionals do not leave schools. Therefore, it was decided that since January 1, 2019, retired teachers will receive pensions in full. The Foundation for Assistance to Reforms in the Sphere of Public Education under the Ministry of Public Education (MPE) has been established. Part of the funds from this fund will be aimed at attracting young prospective and qualified specialists to schools.

- In one of the interviews, you said that to implement the planned plans to improve the quality of school education, you need to strengthen and improve the activities of the Ministry of Public Education...

- In the normative and legal acts of the President, we have paid due attention to the solution of this issue.
From the Ministry of Finance to the Ministry of Public Education transferred funds responsible for strengthening the material and technical base of educational institutions and the publication of textbooks. The engineering company created under the Ministry of Natural Resources will continue to develop the technical specifications for the project documentation and monitor the quality of construction projects in the field of public education.
Heads of the District and Regional Departments of Public Education will now be appointed solely by the decision of the MPE, without agreement with the hokimiyats.

Now all the levers that influence the quality of education are concentrated in the hands of the system of the 
Ministry of Public Education.

- To successfully implement the planned plans, the system for monitoring the development of the public education system is being reformed. What changes will occur in this direction?

- The former system was ineffective and interfered with the normal operation of schools, distracting teachers and management from direct duties, therefore, the decree of the President determined the procedure for inspecting the activities of general education institutions with an exhaustive list of authorized bodies, legal grounds and criteria for appointing and conducting inspections. At the same time, the General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Uzbekistan will strengthen supervision over the prevention of illegal inspections of the activities of general education institutions with the adoption of strict liability measures in relation to the perpetrators in accordance with the legislation. Also, the supervisory authorities of all levels, together with the executive authorities, are indicated on the ground to render any assistance in eliminating and preventing further violations discovered during inspections of the activities of general education institutions.

In each school, supervisory councils will be established with the inclusion of the most active parents, graduates, sponsors and others who can make a significant contribution to the institution's activities. The Soviets are given broad rights. In particular, they will elect and dismiss school principals from their positions, determine priority areas for the development of the school, approve annual financial plans, the size of tariffs for paid services and rental rates.

And in the structure of the central apparatus of the Ministry of Public Education, the Control and Legal Service of the Minister was created. It is responsible for the adoption of measures provided by law to prevent unreasonable interference of state bodies and other organizations in the activities of public education institutions (schools), to hamper the humiliation of honor and dignity of pedagogical personnel, forcing them to work, any form of obstruction of the educational process, violation of the rights of teachers and students; implementation of internal control in public education institutions, prevention and prevention of corruption offenses and other unlawful acts, as well as violations of the rules of professional ethics by employees of the Ministry's system.
Also the call center will be launched. Calling by phone, it will be possible to report obvious violations and demand prompt action. 
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