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Almost 100 People Received State Awards on the Eve of Teacher’s Day

Acting President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev on the occasion of the Teacher’s Day signed a decree on awarding a group of distinguished educators.
Dilorom Mamasharipova, teacher of mathematics and computer science at the specialized secondary school №45 in Oqdaryo district of Samarqand region, and Ra’no Fozilova, teacher of native language and literature at the secondary school №40 of Chinoz district in Tashkent region, were awarded the title of ‘People’s Teacher of the Republic of Uzbekistan.’
Abdukayum Bozorov, teacher of chemistry at the specialized secondary boarding school №12 in Baliqchi district of Andijon region, and Gulsara Genjemuratova, teacher of physics at the secondary school №25 in Karauzyak district of Karakalpakstan were awarded the title of the Honored Worker of Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
The title ‘Honored Teacher of Youth of the Republic of Uzbekistan’ was awarded to nine specialists, and the title ‘Honored Coach of the Republic of Uzbekistan’ to a boxing trainer at the specialized youth sports school of Tashkent Abduvali Shomirzaev.
For a worthy contribution to the development of the country’s education system, the introduction of advanced educational technologies, training of skilled personnel with in-depth knowledge and professions, great contribution to the formation of a healthy and comprehensively advanced young generation, upbringing the youth in the spirit of patriotism and respect for national and universal values, three people were awarded with the ‘Fidokorona Hizmatlari Uchun’ Order, 14 people with the ‘Mehnat Shuhrati’ Order, three people with the ‘Soghlom Avlod Uchun’ Order of the second degree, and 14 people with the ‘Dustlik’ Order, as well as 50 people received the ‘Shukhrat’ Medal.

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