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Development of helicopter tourism began in Uzbekistan. Please, see the reportage of the "Ahborot" program on our website.
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All tram routes in Tashkent will be replaced by buses

As khokim of Tashkent Rakhmonbek Usmanov reported, all tram lines with the length of 87.8km will have been dismantled by August, and buses will run instead of trams.

It is planned to dismantle tram lines with the total length of 87.8km at the following streets: Mukimi, Samarkand Darvoza, Mekhrizhon-Saykhun, Aliev, Temiryulchilar, MKAD, Beltepa, Shifokorlar, TKAD, Farkhod-Tukimachi, Mannon Uygur, Beshkayragach, Lutfiy, Katta Khirmontepa, Kamarniso, Farobiy, Akhangaran road, Korasuv, Fargona yuli, Yangi Kuylyuk, Kushbegi, Bunyodkor.

The capital administration referred these measures to inefficiency and non-profitability of tram transport. Buses with the same routes and numbers will be launched instead of the closing trams.

As the khokim stated, the trams with continuing service life will be sold abroad. According to Usmanov, such countries as Russia and Ukraine are among the pretenders to the purchase.


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