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a new version of the Virtual Reception Office of the President was launched

The new version of the Virtual Reception Office of the President has several advantages, which can be assessed on the site

Details about the innovations - in the review of UzA correspondents.

Citizens can open a personal cabinet in the Virtual Reception Office

In the new version of the Virtual Reception Office of the President, the applicant can open a personal cabinet at will. For this, an individual in the registration process must enter the personal identification number specified in his civil passport. This will facilitate the process of identification (electronic identity) of the applicant's identity.

The purpose of the "Personal cabinet of citizens" module is to create maximum convenience for the citizens when working with the Virtual Reception Office system, to store the whole history of appeals in one place.

In the data entered by citizens into the Virtual Reception Office system (name and surname, year of birth, place of residence, etc.), there are various errors. In connection with this, difficulties were encountered in the complex study of the history of several appeals sent by one person. In the system there was no mechanism for determining the errors committed by the applicant when entering personal data.

Previously, to search for a specific request, it was required to enter into the database its number, full name and surname, address, mobile phone number of the applicant. The latter did not have the ability to follow the movement of all his appeals in one particular place. Applicants usually store various appeals sent on a single question, as well as answers to them in paper form. All this created inconvenience for both applicants and when dealing with appeals, leading to unnecessary waste of time and resources.

Prior to this, the applicants had to re-enter their personal data when sending each new request. Now the applicant has only to enter his personal office, enter his personal data once, and in the future when doing any operations, this data will be automatically loaded into the system. The need to re-enter personal data every time you need to send a message is no longer necessary.

In turn, the confirmation of applications, complaints and proposals with the personal passport data of a citizen will increase the reliability of identity identification of applicants. In the personal office, the entire correspondence of the applicant with the state authorities (all appeals and letters of reply) is collected, which facilitates the process of finding a specific appeal and responding to it.

Detailed answers to frequently asked questions

In the new version of the Virtual Reception Office "Frequently Asked Questions" section was opened. Its main purpose is to provide the applicant with the opportunity to receive an answer to the question of interest to him, without sending an official appeal.

Analysis shows that citizens often apply for legal information of a general nature or legal advice. To obtain the necessary information, they were forced to wait for a certain time, and state bodies - to respond individually to numerous appeals that require the same response.

In this regard, based on the results of the analysis of citizens' appeals, frequently asked questions were identified, the answers to them were presented in clear and accessible language in a special section. Here you can find answers to questions concerning housing, social protection, business and banking, production, certification and licensing, veterinary services, taxes and fines, information technology and communications, transport and legal issues, science and culture, education, labor and employment, as well as other spheres of society. The answer to the desired question can be found by keywords.

A special module of statistics allows you to analyze, answers to which questions are the most in demand. The most popular topics are automatically raised to the top positions of the rating.

The new section is significant because among the frequently asked questions the applicant can find the answer to the question of interest without referral.

The portal can provide legal advice in online mode

In the new version of the Virtual Reception Office, the "Online Consultant" module was launched, which allows getting qualified legal assistance on various issues and issues in a user-friendly form. This module works in close relationship with the "Frequently Asked Questions" section.

The module provides real-time advice to individuals and legal entities on the part of qualified specialists involved as consultants in various industries and spheres of activity, this service will be launched in a test mode since February 15 of this year.
As noted above, a significant part of the appeals are requests for legal information. Citizens applied to the Virtual Reception Office to obtain legal advice on the most varied issues faced in life, the treatment of the appeal and the delivery of the answer to the applicant took a long time.

The "Online Consultant" service allows, by sending a question through the Virtual Reception Office, to receive on-line operative legal advice from specialists with a legal education. Henceforth, there is no need for days to wait for a response letter containing legal information on a particular issue. In turn, this will help reduce the number of applications registered on the portal and contain only a request for obtaining legal information, raising the quality of work with other appeals in state bodies. Operational support will be provided for the needs of individuals and legal entities in legal information. The questions frequently asked through the "Online Consultant" module will be constantly analyzed and added to the "Frequently Asked Questions" section.

Now you can apply to the heads of state bodies through the Virtual Reception Office of the President
The "Schedules for the reception of citizens by heads of ministries and departments and the direction of appeal to them" module was introduced. This united in a single database the schedules for the reception of citizens by the heads of all bodies of state and economic management, local hokimiyats. Now, with information about the reception of citizens by the heads of state bodies - about the days, the time of reception, the corresponding telephone, E-mail adds, addresses of state bodies - can be found in one place.

In some cases, individuals and legal entities do not have sufficient information about which government authority is the issue they are interested in. In this regard, the "Functions and Tasks" section was organized, which makes it possible to get acquainted with data on the functions and tasks of a specific state body determined by law.

Currently, the virtual reception offices of heads of various levels have different forms of sending appeals to them. It is often difficult to find such a form on their official websites. Proceeding from this, with the aim of creating the opportunity for citizens to send appeals directly to the relevant state bodies on the basis of the portal, the forms for sending applications to personal virtual reception offices of state bodies were collected in one place. It is noteworthy that this will ensure continuous monitoring of the process of working with such appeals.

On the portal you can find information about the People's Reception Office The "Addresses of the People's Reception Office" section contains information about the People's Reception Offices of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Addresses, phone numbers, E-mail, geolocation data of all the People's Reception Offices and other useful materials about their activities are presented in a convenient form. Citizens and entrepreneurs can find a specific People's Reception Office on an interactive map of Uzbekistan, which in turn has a regular or satellite view.

Please, specify your mahalla and help solve the problem

In the new version of the Virtual Reception Office, citizens in the process of sending an appeal can indicate the mahalla in which they live. This will speed up the solution of the problem, help determine which sector is responsible for the problem mentioned in the appeal. At the same time, the possibility of online analysis of the problems available in the sectors management for accelerated social and economic development of the territories, the development of concrete measures, and "road maps" for a near and medium-term perspective for their integrated solution will expand.

You can quickly report the persecution

Another innovation of the Virtual Reception Office is the "Report the Persecution" module to ensure the rights and freedoms of applicants. If someone is persecuted because of sending an application or complaint, he can promptly report this by clicking on a special "button." Such reports will be considered promptly and on a priority basis with the involvement of law enforcement agencies.

Appeal and responsibility

Henceforth, citizens before sending their treatment through the portal put a mark, confirming thereby that they are familiar with 
the rules of referral and are informed of the liability provided by law. This will serve to increase both the responsibility and the culture of the applicants' applications.

Previously, some applicants in the process of sending the appeal indicated the telephone numbers belonging to other persons, or made non-existent numbers, sent applications on behalf of other citizens. Considering that the processing of the request takes time and resources, and the time spent working with the appeal without specificity could be sent to another well-founded statement or complaint, the new version introduces a mechanism for confirming the mobile phone number.

In this case, the applicant enters his mobile phone number in a special form. Then SMS is sent to the applicant's mobile phone with a one-time password. As a result, the accuracy and reliability of the circulation will increase, the use of the number belonging to the applicant will be ensured. This mechanism will be implemented in virtual reception rooms of all state bodies.
Prior to this, citizens and entrepreneurs entered the registration number of the request and the code to check the current status of consideration of their appeals. The system of the new version provides for sending a confirmed SMS phone number for receiving a call and removing it from control.

Please, stay up to date with the news

In the new version of the Virtual Reception Office there is an opportunity to learn more about the activities of government agencies in dealing with appeals, news about Virtual and People's Reception Offices. It is possible to monitor in real time the total number of applications received by the portal and the requests examined, and to receive other statistical information.
In general, the new version of the Virtual Reception Office, in addition to providing effective information and interactive services to individuals and legal entities, will expand access to them, and will improve the mechanism of interaction between citizens and state authorities.

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