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A bloody incident in a law college: the General Directorate of Internal Affairs of Tashkent engaged in a total check of all the colleges and lyceums of the capital

The recent case of stabbing, which occurred on the territory of the Tashkent College of Law among its students, was the starting point for the Tashkent General Directorate of Internal Affairs (GDIA) to verify all institutions of secondary specialized, vocational education.

This was reported by the head of the Directorate, Bakhodir Kurbanov.

"We conduct inspections at all colleges and submit after this submission to educational institutions. In 115 colleges and lyceums in the capital, we conducted an analysis of the crimes that occurred in 2016 and 2017 with the participation of their students. The results of the analysis are not for the announcement, but there are colleges in Tashkent where no one has happened. There is a very strict order, there is a form, there are additional classes under the contract with the parents. Everything is available there, everything is open," - said the head of the GDIA.

And what we saw in the law college, asked the official. As he believes, this is a general disregard for all requirements. "It's like my garden: I'm the mistress here, what I want, then I do. And this affected the mentality and upbringing of the youth who study at a law college. That's what is offensive," - said Kurbanov.

According to him, if at least one piercing cutting object is found in the school, then it is necessary to sound an alarm. And teenage cruelty has become a disease of the century. In this regard, the head of the department urged the public and, in particular, journalists not to look at it through fingers and figures, but to make joint efforts to solve the problem. Learn better on other people's mistakes, not to allow your own, concluded the head of the GDIA.

At the same time he added that at the request of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, now every college has a separate office for prevention inspectors, who is obliged to sit and work there. As the chief of the General Directorate of Internal Affairs emphasized, by his order they are fixed to each college.

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