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Books and the Internet: The Needs of Young People
Books and the Internet: The Needs of Young People

Today a program is being elaborated in Uzbekistan designed to promote active reading among the population. As it is known, training to read is more effective when it starts from early childhood. However, as the conversation between social network users and the director of the Republican Children's Library Doniyor Uralov has shown, there are many issues that need to be addressed along the way. ...

Books and the Internet: The Needs of Young People 17-02-2017
Books and the Internet: The Needs of Young People 292
Water pipeline “Kungrad-Muynak” for 26.4bn soums to be constructed in Karakalpakstan
Water pipeline “Kungrad-Muynak” for 26.4bn soums to be constructed in Karakalpakstan

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a resolution “On measures on providing quality drinking water to population of the Republic of Karakalpakstan”.

Water pipeline “Kungrad-Muynak” for 26.4bn soums to be constructed in Karakalpakstan 14-02-2017
Water pipeline “Kungrad-Muynak” for 26.4bn soums to be constructed in Karakalpakstan 295
Tashkent launches first buses with free Wi-Fi

Toshshahartranshizmat JSC has recently launched a project to equip buses with Internet facilities, including with wireless data transmission services via Wi-Fi.

 Date Added: 13-02-2017
Number of views: 326
Public inspectors engage in environmental protection

A seminar has taken place at the State Nature Protection Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the development of cooperation with public inspectors for ecological control. The seminar was attended by representatives of state and nongovernmental organizations, citizens’ self-governing bodies, scientists, experts and journalists.

 Date Added: 09-02-2017
Number of views: 323
Uzbekistan announces best banks in terms of deposits

The names of best commercial banks on attraction of deposits following 2016 results were announced, as the contest held in accordance with the Decree of the President dated 31 October 2008 "On holding contest to attract deposits among commercial banks of the Republic" came to an end. 27 commercial banks, 855 branches, more than 4 299 mini-banks and special cash desks attended the contest....

 Date Added: 07-02-2017
Number of views: 360
Uzstandard to Report on Products Failed to Pass Quality Tests

Uzbekistan Agency for Standardization, Metrology and Certification plans to report on its official website the information on products failed to pass quality tests.

 Date Added: 07-02-2017
Number of views: 246
Tashkent Zoo Received Hornbills

The Tashkent Zoo has welcomed its new inhabitants - the two great Indian hornbills - symbol of tropical forests of Southeast Asia.

 Date Added: 01-02-2017
Number of views: 276
Legal Services to Be Staffed with Highly Qualified Specialists

The Regulation has been published on legal service of state bodies and organizations, as well as the Regulation on class rank employees of the legal services of state bodies and organizations. The new rules have made a portrait of the country’s legal service.

 Date Added: 01-02-2017
Number of views: 255
Uzbekistan Introduces New Positions and Professions

The Ministry of Labor has made changes and additions to the Classification of key positions of civil servants and occupations of employees.

 Date Added: 31-01-2017
Number of views: 271
Uzbekistan Improving the Legal Framework of Administrative Proceedings

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan has completed a draft concept of the Law ‘On the administrative legal proceedings’, and disclosed its content.

 Date Added: 30-01-2017
Number of views: 254
Inventory in Some Cases Reduces the Amount of Tax on the Property Three Times

The country continues solid inventory of real property owned by individuals and legal entities, scheduled by the Cabinet of Ministers for 2016-2017.

 Date Added: 30-01-2017
Number of views: 243
100 display systems to appear at bus stops

Guided by Presidential Resolution PP-2048 ‘On Measures for Further Development of Tashkent Public Transport System’, Toshshakhartranskhizmat is made up of 32 enterprises, employing 6192 workers. Over 3560 (57.6%) are drivers and conductors.

 Date Added: 28-01-2017
Number of views: 216
Uzbekistan's population oversteps 32 million

According to preliminary data by State Statistics Committee, the permanent population of the Republic of Uzbekistan as on January 1, 2017 reached 32121,1 thousand people having increased year-on 545,8 thousand people or 1.7%. At the same time, the urban population made up 16238,5 thousand (50.6% of the total population), rural population – 15882,6 thousand people (49,4%)....

 Date Added: 17-01-2017
Number of views: 315
Book – path to goodness

At the spiritual enlightenment complex “Samarqand kitob olami (Samarqand book world)”, the women’s wing of the Samarqand regional council of the movement of entrepreneurs and businessmen – the Uzbekistan Liberal Democratic Party held a round-table conversation on the subject of “Book – the cradle of spirituality”.

 Date Added: 17-01-2017
Number of views: 286
Government adopts measures to improve transport service

On 10 January, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan signed a Resolution "On measures on further improving system of public transport services and passenger bus services in towns and villages".

 Date Added: 12-01-2017
Number of views: 293
Islam Karimov Museum to Start Functioning at His Birth Day

The Islam Karimov Memorial Museum, created on the basis of Oqsaroy residence will begin functioning on January 30, 2017.

 Date Added: 11-01-2017
Number of views: 394
Soldiers and Their Parents Communicate through Video Conferencing

Recruits from Tashkent, who pass military service in one of the military units in Ferghana region, the soldiers, called up from the Fergana Valley, and passing military service in the capital, as well as their parents have got the opportunity to talk using video conferencing, organized in Tashkent city administration.

 Date Added: 09-01-2017
Number of views: 282
Yunusabad metro line to draw $125m.

The President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoev approved a Resolution "On measures for implementation of the project "Construction of the second phase of Yunusabad line of Tashkent metro."

 Date Added: 04-01-2017
Number of views: 335
Buses Will Not Compete with Subway

The optimization of urban and suburban routes of ground public transport to attract passenger traffic on the subway is getting conducted in Tashkent.

 Date Added: 04-01-2017
Number of views: 314
Labor under the Protection

In 2016, the system of labor protection actively developed along with other sectors. The round table organized at the initiative of the Labor Unions Federation was devoted to its main results.

 Date Added: 02-01-2017
Number of views: 362

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