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Uzbekistan's population oversteps 32 million
Uzbekistan's population oversteps 32 million

According to preliminary data by State Statistics Committee, the permanent population of the Republic of Uzbekistan as on January 1, 2017 reached 32121,1 thousand people having increased year-on 545,8 thousand people or 1.7%. At the same time, the urban population made up 16238,5 thousand (50.6% of the total population), rural population – 15882,6 thousand people (49,4%)....

Uzbekistan's population oversteps 32 million 17-01-2017
Uzbekistan's population oversteps 32 million 79
Book – path to goodness
Book – path to goodness

At the spiritual enlightenment complex “Samarqand kitob olami (Samarqand book world)”, the women’s wing of the Samarqand regional council of the movement of entrepreneurs and businessmen – the Uzbekistan Liberal Democratic Party held a round-table conversation on the subject of “Book – the cradle of spirituality”.

Book – path to goodness 17-01-2017
Book – path to goodness 62
Government adopts measures to improve transport service

On 10 January, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan signed a Resolution "On measures on further improving system of public transport services and passenger bus services in towns and villages".

 Date Added: 12-01-2017
Number of views: 77
Islam Karimov Museum to Start Functioning at His Birth Day

The Islam Karimov Memorial Museum, created on the basis of Oqsaroy residence will begin functioning on January 30, 2017.

 Date Added: 11-01-2017
Number of views: 118
Soldiers and Their Parents Communicate through Video Conferencing

Recruits from Tashkent, who pass military service in one of the military units in Ferghana region, the soldiers, called up from the Fergana Valley, and passing military service in the capital, as well as their parents have got the opportunity to talk using video conferencing, organized in Tashkent city administration.

 Date Added: 09-01-2017
Number of views: 69
Yunusabad metro line to draw $125m.

The President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoev approved a Resolution "On measures for implementation of the project "Construction of the second phase of Yunusabad line of Tashkent metro."

 Date Added: 04-01-2017
Number of views: 127
Buses Will Not Compete with Subway

The optimization of urban and suburban routes of ground public transport to attract passenger traffic on the subway is getting conducted in Tashkent.

 Date Added: 04-01-2017
Number of views: 112
Labor under the Protection

In 2016, the system of labor protection actively developed along with other sectors. The round table organized at the initiative of the Labor Unions Federation was devoted to its main results.

 Date Added: 02-01-2017
Number of views: 148
Uzbekistan improves statistical survey system

On December 28, the State Statistics Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan organized a press-conference on the theme "About the reforms implemented in the system of state statistics during the years of independence, aimed at introduction of advanced international methodologies and the creation of favorable conditions for entrepreneurs".

 Date Added: 30-12-2016
Number of views: 149
Labour Ministry hosts UNDAF working group meeting

The Ministry of labour of Uzbekistan hosted a meeting of the Working group of UNDAF (UN Development Assistance Framework for Uzbekistan) on social protection.

 Date Added: 28-12-2016
Number of views: 316
Presidential presents are festive treats for children

Presidential presents consisting of various sweets and stationery items and delivered to localities on the eve of the New Year are unforgettable gifts for children.

 Date Added: 28-12-2016
Number of views: 127
The Central Election Commission Terminates the Powers of Ahmadjon Gofurov

The Central Election Commission of Uzbekistan (CEC) has terminated the powers of the MP of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan Ahmadjon Gofurov. The basis for this decision was his resignation.

 Date Added: 27-12-2016
Number of views: 148
The State Statistics Committee Undertakes Anti-Corruption Monitoring

The State Statistics Committee is undertaking anti-corruption monitoring. The survey is conducted anonymously on the official website of the department, and all willing could participate in it. The last day of the survey is December 30.

 Date Added: 27-12-2016
Number of views: 148
Survey: A woman plays a growing role in the life of the country

The centre for public opinion studies - "Ijtimoiy Fikr" conducted a sociological survey "Women of Uzbekistan - 2016: social wellbeing and social mood". The main purpose of the study was to identify women's positions about the effectiveness of the activities carried out within the framework of public policies aimed at enhancing the role and status of women, and to explore major ...

 Date Added: 22-12-2016
Number of views: 364
Media event: "New media formats in the Year of dialogue with the people and human interests"

The announcement of the year - 2017 in Uzbekistan as the "Year of dialogue with the people and human interests", as well as the definition of this postulate as priority raises important challenges for society in forthcoming five-year activity, including for local media and media-structures, well known acting as a bridge between the state and society. 

 Date Added: 21-12-2016
Number of views: 209
A Simplified System to Issue 26 Permits Is Getting Prepared

Uzbekistan is preparing for the introduction of ‘single window’ unified customs system.

 Date Added: 14-12-2016
Number of views: 243
Unmanned Aircrafts to Fly Now under New Rules

The State Inspection for Flight Safety Supervision of the Republic of Uzbekistan has introduced some changes and additions to the Rules of Flights of Civil and Experimental Aviation.

 Date Added: 14-12-2016
Number of views: 232
Standardization Program Is Getting Developed for 2017

The project has 117 names of regulatory documents. The Agency for Standardization, Metrology and Certification of Uzbekistan (Uzstandard Agency) is ready to consider all suggestions and comments.

 Date Added: 14-12-2016
Number of views: 232
The Road to Favorite Resorts Becomes Safer

Overhaul of Tashkent - Chirchik - Chimgan road has been completed. More than 95 thousand square meters of road was repaired in tote.

 Date Added: 13-12-2016
Number of views: 248
Uzbekistan Could Become the Country Producing Quinoa

Since 2014, two farms have been dealing with the experimental cultivation of quinoa, as well as the Uzbek Scientific Production Center for Agriculture and the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry.

 Date Added: 13-12-2016
Number of views: 254

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