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Japan to assist stock market development in Uzbekistan
Japan to assist stock market development in Uzbekistan

The State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for privatization, demonopolization and development of competition hosted a meeting of Chairman of the Committee Davron Khidoyatov with President of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Katsutoshi Fushimi.

Japan to assist stock market development in Uzbekistan 29-11-2016
Japan to assist stock market development in Uzbekistan 150
Fashion-show "Golden Autumn" opens in Tashkent
Fashion-show "Golden Autumn" opens in Tashkent

Three days of fashion holidays have kicked off in the capital with Fashion-show «Golden Autumn", organized by the Association of fashion-lovers and tailors of Tashkent city. The aim of this project is to demonstrate modern fashion trends, new approaches to the production of exclusive clothing, and to introduce the audience innovations in the field of textile and light industry. On the first d...

Fashion-show "Golden Autumn" opens in Tashkent 12-11-2016
Fashion-show "Golden Autumn" opens in Tashkent 222
International Forum "Media, Advertising and Modern Technologies" opens in Tashkent

The International Forum “Media, Advertising, and Modern Technologies” took off in Tashkent today.

 Date Added: 04-11-2016
Number of views: 203
Positions on 49 Sections of the Border Aligned

Batken and Osh have served the venue for the meetings of working groups of governmental delegations of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan on the delimitation and demarcation of the Uzbek-Kyrgyz state border.

 Date Added: 02-11-2016
Number of views: 970
Tashkent-Andijan-Tashkent Trains to Become Faster

Tashkent-Andijan train now will reach the destination by half an hour faster. JSC Uzbekistan Railways has changed the train schedule.

 Date Added: 31-10-2016
Number of views: 271
Financing of Science to Increase by 13 Per cent

In 2017, the increase is planned in funding of science by 13%.  This will contribute to the further development of science and implementation of research and development work within the state scientific and technical programs..

 Date Added: 31-10-2016
Number of views: 215
Khalq Bank to Administer the Funds on Retirement Savings Accounts in a New Way

Khalq Bank will be allowed to not pay taxes on the amount of income received from the use of funds on individual retirement accounts of citizens.

 Date Added: 26-10-2016
Number of views: 618
Special Laboratories to Evaluate the Quality of Roads

In order to improve the quality of construction and repair of roads the Research Institute of Roads under the JSC Uzavtoyul is procuring new advanced equipment and technology for the diagnosis, laboratory testing and inventory of motor roads.

 Date Added: 25-10-2016
Number of views: 256
$ 2.5 Million to Fight against Drug Trafficking in Uzbekistan

The Government of Japan will provide 263 million Japanese yen (about $ 2.5 million) for implementation of the project to combat the smuggling of Afghan drugs in Uzbekistan.

 Date Added: 21-10-2016
Number of views: 307
Thousands of Families Move in New Homes This Year

Since the beginning of 2016, 10.1 million square meters of housing has been put into commission in the country, including 7.6 million square meters in the countryside.

 Date Added: 21-10-2016
Number of views: 263
Only Tashkent Residents Permitted to Buy House in the Capital

Tashkent residents have the right to acquire estate property in Tashkent region, and residents of Tashkent region - not.

 Date Added: 19-10-2016
Number of views: 285
Save the Children: Uzbekistan Ranked 38th out of 144 Best Countries for Girls

‘Save the Children’ International Nongovernmental Organization made a rating of the best countries to live and development of girls.

 Date Added: 12-10-2016
Number of views: 361
International Tourism Fair Wraps up in Tashkent

Tashkent has wrapped up the International Tourism Fair ‘Tourism on the Silk Road.’

 Date Added: 10-10-2016
Number of views: 325
Why the Law ‘On Labor Protection’ Will Come into Force only in December?

In the near future it is expected to issue 14 new bylaws aimed at strengthening labor protection.

 Date Added: 10-10-2016
Number of views: 312
What Does Advertizing Tell About?

Looking at advertizing structures in the city sometimes one cannot help, to put it mildly, hide one’s smile. But why? 

 Date Added: 09-10-2016
Number of views: 336
Criminal Liability for Fraud and Hijack to Be Toughened

Based on the analysis of the crime, its dynamics and law enforcement it is planed to toughen criminal liability for fraud and hijack.

 Date Added: 07-10-2016
Number of views: 273
Prime Minister Helps to Solve Urgent Problems

During the ten days the online office of the Acting President, Prime Minister Shavkat Mirziyoyev, has received more than 3 thousand applications.

 Date Added: 05-10-2016
Number of views: 335
Tashkent Park Opened in Seattle

Recently, Seattle-Tashkent Sister City Association in Seattle, USA, has taken part in the ceremony of opening of the Tashkent Park.

 Date Added: 04-10-2016
Number of views: 315
What Is the Scientist’s Salary?

The size of the base salary of the scientific and management personnel of research institutions involved in the implementation of scientific and technical programs of fundamental and applied research and innovative work have been increased at the expense of the state budget.

 Date Added: 04-10-2016
Number of views: 270
Samarqand Roads Get Updated

Roads are the subject of special concern not only in the capital. Extensive work is getting implemented in Samarqand region. In particular, the reconstruction of the ring road around Samarqand is nearing completion.

 Date Added: 03-10-2016
Number of views: 279