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UZINFOCOM Center Begins Selecting New Registrars for UZ Domain

Today in Uzbekistan there are 15 registrars of UZ domain - six in the capital and nine in the regions. Taking into account the positive dynamics of growth in the number of domains the issue turned pressing on attracting additional registrars that would make registration more accessible and increase the competition among them, thereby improving the quality of services.

Therefore, UZINFOCOM Center opens a set of new registrars. Legal entities and residents of Uzbekistan have the opportunity to sign the contract for the right to register UZ domains. This can be an organization meeting certain requirements, and which signs a contract with the Center.

In accordance with the agreement signed with the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ICANN from 27 March 2003, the UZINFOCOM Center is administrator of domain zone of Uzbekistan.

With regard to the national UZ domain, the beginning of 2015 turned out dynamic for the center - in February of this year the number of second-level domains exceeded 20 thousand. If earlier domains growth averaged about 200 per month, this year, an increase makes more than 500 domains per month, and now their number more than 21 thousand.

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