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Uzbekistan Joins the Countries Significantly Improved the Performance of E-Government

According to ‘The UN E-Government Survey’ published this July 30, Uzbekistan has risen up by 20 positions and took the 80th place among 193 countries.

Survey on the level of development of e-government is prepared by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs every two years. This is the only report in the world, which assesses the state of development of e-government in all 193 UN member states. The theme of this year survey is “Electronic Government in support of sustainable development.”

Uzbekistan in a new survey ranked among the ten countries significantly improved the functioning of e-government and referred from a group of countries with an average index of e-government development in the high-index group.

E-Government Development Index (EGDI) of Uzbekistan makes 0.5434, which is higher than the world average index 0.4922. For comparison, the leader’s index is 0.9193 (the United Kingdom), the leader in the Asian region, South Korea - 0.8915, the leader in Central Asia, Kazakhstan - 0.7250.

This index is formed of three sub-indices: the index of online services, telecommunication infrastructure index, and human capital index. For Uzbekistan, these indices are as follow: 0.6884 (average world index - 0.4623) 0.2463 (0.3711) and 0.6954 (0.6432).

On the second key indicator of the survey - E-Participation Index, EPART, Uzbekistan improves position by 24 points, up from 71st to 47th place. With an index of 0.6780 with the global average at 0.4625, Uzbekistan occupies the first place in the Central Asian region. The world leader, the UK’s e-participation index is 1.000, and the regional leader, Japan’s index is 0.9830.

Rise in the rating of Uzbekistan in e-participation is provided by also the increase of the e-consultation index from 18 per cent to 58 per cent, and the improvement in e-information index.

The reviewers identified separately the launch in Uzbekistan in 2015, of the Open Data Portal, as well as the Portal of housing and communal services, which has helped thousands of people to solve the problems in the sphere of housing and communal services.

Improvement in the ratings is connected with the implementation of the Comprehensive Program of development of the National information and communication system of Uzbekistan adopted in June 2013, and meant to be implemented before 2020.

In the same year the Single portal of interactive state services (SPISS) was launched, and at the State Committee for Communication, Informatization and Telecommunication Technologies were created the Center for Electronic Government Development and the Center for Information Security.

In February 2015, the State Committee for Communication, Informatization and Telecommunication Technologies was transformed into the Ministry for Development of Information Technology and Communications with wider powers in the field of information policy. One of the main tasks of the Ministry was the implementation of e-government.

The leader of e-government development becomes the United Kingdom, raised to 7 positions as compared to the 2014 ranking. Australia kept the 2nd place. Previous leader - South Korea is on the 3rd place. Singapore occupied the 4th place (-1 position), Finland 5th (+5 positions), Sweden 6th (+8 positions), the Netherlands 7th (-2 positions), New Zealand 8th (+1position), Denmark 9th (+7 positions), and France 10th (-6 positions).

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