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Mobile Operators Are Fined for Poor Quality of Communication

Officials of UNITEL LLC and COSCOM LLC were fined for failing to provide quality and convenient mobile services, according to the website of the State Inspectorate for Supervision of Communications, Information and telecommunication technologies.

The inspection applied administrative penalties against the UNITEL and COSCOM companies on November 27, 2015 for the violation of standard indicators of quality of service, as well as for the illegal use of radio frequencies and radio-electronic means.

A part of the section 152 ‘Violation of the procedure for the use of radio-electronic means and high frequency devices’ provides a fine of 5 to 7 times the minimum wage. The section 153 ‘Violation of norms and government industry standards of quality communication services" of the Code ‘On Administrative Responsibility of the Republic of Uzbekistan’ provides a fine of 1 up to 2 times the minimum wage.

Inspection on revealing violations in the provision of mobile services in the Republic of Uzbekistan earlier issued the relevant regulations to four mobile operators to take appropriate and long-term measures to develop the network in the next year.

However, the insufficient level of organizational works in the UNITEL and COSCOM do not allow the companies to take decisions on the implementation of the tasks of the quality and convenience of mobile services operatively, promptly and fully and to prevent the illegal exploitation of radio-electronic means. Inspection issued to these companies appropriate regulations to fix existing deficiencies and to provide mobile communications services in line with the requirements of laws and regulations of the country.

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