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UT Expert: National Innovation System Needs a Virtual Fair

Which way should go the development of information support of innovative activity of scientists? Odilkhuja Parpiev, the head of the Executive Office of the Coordinating Committee for Development of Science and Technology shared his opinion on this matter.

“Information support of the process of commercialization and technology transfer plays an important role in boosting innovation. The information is intended to contribute to the technological susceptibility of subjects of innovation environment, and to maintain its positive trend, to help to eliminate the currently existing gaps in the innovation cycle in the transition from basic research to commercial technology, to facilitate to bring together the participants in the innovation process. Creating a system of information support of innovative processes, covering national, regional and sectoral innovation processes is an important direction in the development of innovative activity.

Unfortunately, to date, the country has no a single information space, focused on innovation and, especially in the process of commercialization and technology transfer.

Existing in Uzbekistan the information infrastructure of innovations includes the resources on scientific information; technical information (patents, publications, main research results); on the needs of enterprises and companies in innovation.

Analysis of the current system has shown that it is aimed primarily at supporting the scientific and educational spheres. There are quite many information resources (university, institute) and many of them are highly relevant, but they are not always consistent with the goals of commercialization and technology transfer for development in the industry. This is also about internet sites informing about innovation. Moreover, there is no navigation on innovative resources, as well as analytical information related to innovation underrepresented.

Interactive electronic information services should function as part of the information infrastructure of the National Innovation System, for example, the technology exchange or virtual innovation fair, designed to establish contacts between consumers and producers of innovative products and technologies, between investors and developers, representatives of the business community, seeking partners for the commercial exploitation of new technologies.

Undoubtedly, general and specific information resources of specialized information structures should go into the information resources, as well as institutions of the Academy of Sciences, information centers of universities, meeting the requirements of consumers of the innovation process.”

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