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Rovshan Makhsudov: "You should not give up! The country simply needs a laboratory for the study and development of algorithms and high technologies"

Today, when the country creates an innovation center to support the development and implementation of information technologies Mirzo Ulugbek Innovation Center and intends to invest in the development of this high-tech industry it is very important to listen to the opinion of experts who call the problem moments that are a deterrent to the development of the country in this direction. In this regard, we offer attention to the position of Rovshan Makhsudov, who is convinced that to begin solving problems in the country, it is necessary to create a "Laboratory for the Study and Development of Algorithms and High Technologies".

The development of information technologies in our country is one of the topical issues of today. In order to develop the IT sphere, the state creates many amenities and opportunities, but to achieve results we need strong young specialists whose number needs to be increased.

One of the main directions of IT is programming, in which the least number of specialists with sufficient knowledge. Most of those who call themselves programmers are limited to the ability to develop websites and mobile applications. However, it is not enough to master programming languages and modern technologies. To develop a serious complex and multifunctional program that could facilitate the work of people in different spheres, the programmer should be familiar with complex algorithms, be able to apply them in practice, and also be able to independently come up with optimal algorithms that solve this or that task in the best way. But, unfortunately, few programmers pay attention to this. This can be evidenced by our results in the international programming Olympiad "ACM ICPC". The team from Uzbekistan got to the finals of this Olympiad only once in the history. And at this time from Russia every year about ten teams get to the final of this competition and defeat it.

If you ask our programmers to develop software similar to one of all known programs, such as 1C-Bitrix, Kaspersky, Adobe Photoshop, 3DS MAX, MS Excel, and MS Access, then in response you can hear "to develop such a complex project you need a large team that we do not have." But even if we gather such a large team, without the necessary knowledge, there will be no guarantees that the result will be consistent with the task. Some may say "why reinvent the wheel?" - that is to create what is already being invented in other countries. But given that most of our organizations are forced to buy the necessary programs from foreign companies for huge amounts, I think our domestic bicycle would not be in the way!

Of course, blaming the youth is wrong, because finding a teacher who could give them all the necessary knowledge is not an easy task. But it should not be given up for this reason too!

It would be great to create a "Laboratory for the Study and Development of Algorithms and High Technologies" where young programmers could develop themselves and develop IT in our country.

In this lab, programmers will work in three directions:

1) Study of complex algorithms and new technologies, their application in real problems in practice, and the creation of new algorithms and technologies that solve practical problems in an optimal way.

2) Identification of needs of our country for software products and developing high-quality domestic software that meets the needs of our market.

3) Full support and training of young professionals.

To achieve a high level of training, it is necessary to attract leading experts of the global IT market in order to train and conduct master classes for the members of the laboratory. By investing money in future specialists, we create our own base of domestic developments and stop buying foreign products for huge sums.

I think with the support of the Ministry for the Development of Information Technologies and Communications, the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, and the Union of Youth of Uzbekistan, this idea will become possible and will bring great success in the development of information technologies in our country.

I will be very glad to hear your comments on this idea.
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